S P A C E | Acknowledgements

Bunch of updates, on S P A C E.

Special thanks so far to collaborations with some very talented people, including, but not limited to: S P A C E Culture Editor Michael Bridgett, Jr; S P A C E Art Director Jānis Žguts; and contributors Kan Tomizawa, Reijo Valta, Dipika Kohli, Alexis JokelaBOSS, and Aske Pedersen.

There are many others to say ‘thank you’ to, including: our crowdfunding supporters; mentors; and people from near and far and lately as well as the deep past. I’ve put a few of their names on this page.

So far. Jazzy conversations in forums. Co-created weekly zines. Sometimes there’s crossover: we get acquainted and develop ideas in the conversations, and then, bang! It starts to get pressed into shape.

S P A C E the zine, Winter 2018-19, ‘A Philosophy of the Moment’

Note: Ask me about philosopher Dennis Dutton’s 6 universal signatures in human aesthetics.


Today we share the first of the new 12-set series for the Spring 2019 collection. The collection is called ‘The Book of New Things.’ Learn more about how to become a part of this. This week we are sharing in small circles about some new things going on behind the scenes.

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