S P A C E | BoNT

This week, after a light sequence of conversation-starting in our forums Postmodern Nomads and the Book of New Things, DK is very excited to present the beginnings of a new chapter, in S P A C E.


New chapter

Fresh zines. It’s called S P A C E | Spring 2019, ‘The Book of New Things.’ Which around here we’ve nicknamed ‘BoNT.’

So far we’ve published these issues: ‘In the Flowers,’ ‘Two Pisces,’ ‘Kaunter Tiket’ and ‘Nostalgia CP.’ Set in Dalat, Pangkor Island, Kuala Lumpur, and Hanoi… Here are the covers…

The issues can be found in our online shop.

CONTINUATIONS. These zines are getting made thanks to our crowdfunding supporters. Early support came forward for a zine series that had begun in December 2018. That was first set, S P A C E | Winter 2018-19, was called ‘A Philosophy of the Moment’ (and referred to in-house as PoTM.’ We like abbreviating stuff, or AS.

But yeah.

Find all currently available issues in our online shop. Click the pic below to go there..

Ahead for Spring 2019

S P A C E MAKING. With the ‘BoNT’ 12-week set, which is outlined in an editorial calendar at our crowdfunding page here, there will be some interwoven pieces to be created with new members of our projects in S P A C E. Presently there are a handful: some are invite-only, some are semi-public, and a few of them are real-life moments of public spaces we design and host for experiences. The are listed in our upcomings. It’s neat, this new project, Atelier S P A C E. Showing up. For listening. connecting, and maybe even co-creating. For light laughs, for personal exchanges, and more specifically, those exchanges of a texture and shape that can only form when one has gained confidence and trust. This very special sort of forum is not random. It is designed. All these years of really doing design in graphics have become useful only now. Because it’s the real life design that matters most, to DK. The design, that is, of S P A C E.

What is it?

What does it do?

Who is it for?

Many things. For lots of people, if only they are ready to look within. This is a discovery project. It’s not for everyone. But it’s cool, when it happens, and when it works. This is where I’m supposed to share the testimonials. Show you pictures. But I won’t—what we have in S P A C E is not for public consumption, it’s very special and handled with care and part of that is a trust, a kind of pact. This is what we’re doing here, and this is just for us.

But real life moments are popping up, too. Now, S P A C E is intersecting itself. In real life, I’m here, in Tokyo for the moment, to gather at S P A C E | Tokyo a few of us whom DK’ve met and gotten to know better because of time, and progression, and development, and of course, *showing up*. Next stops: Tokyo, Bangkok, ?, ?, and then… *Secret location*. More about making S P A C E on the road.

Discover the journey

Be a part of it, the journey of co-creating ‘zines’ with others every week in digital space. Membership is free with a subscription to our digital zine. A subscription is USD 7/week. It starts when you click ‘Weekly S P A C E’ at our crowdfunding page.