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S P A C E | Pangkor Island, ‘Two Pisces’

Writing. Shaping. Editing. S P A C E | Pangkor Island, ‘Two Pisces,’ set to release on Tuesday. Working double-time right now to finish this and a set of things that must be sent before getting on a plane and starting another chapter. (Well, continuing an old chapter that I have to finish. It’s about Tokyo. Long story, really really long, called S P A C E | Tokyo, ‘Osananajimi,’ and eventually I’ll have figure out a way to make it fit in a 16-page PDF digital zine, somehow, perhaps for our summer or fall collection if we still have enough people reading and crowdfunding our zine), but first, I have to get there and feel the feeling that wants to be felt and then capture the mood and put it in to a Japan-focused, made-on-the-spot (perhaps with new and different others who might wander into the space of Atelier S P A C E | JP during these latter March weeks) conversations. It’s weird, this stuff of Atelier S P A C E.

‘That’s pretty amazing, DK’

Magically, I’m able to talk about the idea that you can go around the world and run into the potential and from the simple act of being around fora. while, showing up for the moment and being ready when it’s ready to share itself with you, then yeah, compiling all the best-of observations into a small, compact, mini-magazine and taking it on the road to share with the people who you meet in the next place. More simply. In quite straightforward simple sentences. It’s not my style, but it’s communicating: straight up. Subject-verb. Stop before you ramble. Easy does it. Do not try to use idioms. People do not follow English casual jargon-y stuff, or even things like ‘jargon-y.’ Tone down the arty writing. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. All of this is osmosis-learning, I think. I was going to write today here about all the process and feeling the old kinds of things that I had felt when in this city in 2017 to gather people and discover how we could get together in a 16-way blind date.

FUN & EFFORT. That was fun, hard, and took a lot of energy that I honestly don’t have anymore to make such an event because… because the value of real life space and S P A C E-making is hard to communicate to those who don’t immediately go, ‘Oh, right. Yeah. That’s really… needed.’ If it’s not needed to you, then that’s fine. We’re carrying on anyway. But.. if you want try a journey, something new, one  that you might not know where it takes you, but others will be there too with the same exact notions: where are we going? well, let’s just see!, then yeah, this is your party. Scroll to the end to find out more, if you’re in Hanoi.

I’m speaking in general terms here but it’s easier, this way. I just sent the first issue of our Spring 2019 collection of zines that are gonna be co-created. The series is ‘The Book of New Things.’ Sent the first issue out last Tuesday, and the next one will be out on Tuesday again. ‘Two Pisces.’ Spellcheck. Edits. Then, clear the pages and finish up the one that has been going and going and going, because I am still figuring out what it’s about, but today and late late last night in my early dreams I started to finally see it.



Helps to regroup by going through the old notes and finding bits like this, from DK’s earlier project, Kismuth Books. These were sent to Dipika:

MP: I love reading your emails, they are so colorful.

AB: Hi dear, love to read your blog about your travel.

NS: Hey. I really enjoy reading all of your e-mails. I just love how you do what feels right. Something different compared to all Americans. Not live your life thinking “what if?”

CC: Fair play taking to the roads like this. Your sense of adventure, of life, is wonderful. Travel well and safe and I’m looking forward to hearing your tales.

AB: I really love to read every thing u write. Now about karma…

Theywere from 2014ishs. DK stoped doing emails in recent days as much or with as much personal stuff because we all know now that email is spam. So: next. We’re on to S P A C E. Co-creating on the spot. A subscription magazine. Funner, too. In a parallel shift to the move way from ‘N’, too. Less asking. More just doing our thing. You can decide if you want to be ‘in’ on it, or not. Either way’s cool. We’re still gonna do the jam.


Finding the line

The storyline, the character, the setting and place-painting through words and pictures and maybe some line art, the way it’ll play out, and how it will be shared…. Finding it all out this weekend, or setting out to, anyway. This work will all happen between now and Thursday, when we have the release party for S P A C E issues made and co-created on the road in Vietnam. Whoa. I’ve written that. Now I best get to work, and deliver on it. But before I leave you here on this post today, here’s something I liked finding today in my bunches and bunches of notes…

Sally Mann:

“Art is seldom the result of true genius, rather it is the product of hard work and skills learned and tenaciously practiced by regular people.”



14 March | S P A C E Party

ZINE READING & RELEASE PARTY. Hosting a party in real life in Hanoi on the evening of Thursday, 14 March. This event is free for members of S P A C E, and for nonmembers its USD 12. Very limited seats. Advance bookings only. Read more about it and how to register for your ticket here.