’90 percent of it is showing up’

Here we go. The next things. The book of things. The things to come. The journeys, the stories. The showing up, the conversations. The making up of a thing, as you go. The going and seeing. The asking of a person on the street instead of consulting Google.

The meaning-making that happens in the road, with eye contact, and that art of discovery that can only come with the person-to-person or group-to-group conversation that happens in, well, S P A C E. This is not Art of Hosting, which I have a bit of a bad taste for, after learning from some of the people who were ‘trained’ through that, or even are ‘trainers’ themselves, that really, what they think of ‘hosting’ and what DK thinks of ‘hosting’ are vastly different quantities altogether. We are not interested in creating a club. We don’t care about how ‘like-minded’ a community is, in fact, we run from those. I am personally in seaarch of the *new* and *different* while on the road, collecting both snippets from intriguing conversations with strangers along the way as well as bits of paper. These fold together in moments designed and hosted by members of our team near and far.


Making S P A C E on the road

We are making S P A C E: Salons, Ateliers, Workshops, and Zines. We are gathering the voices from the places where we go, in the field, without any agenda that’s philosophical, aesthetic (well maybe a little of this), religious (no, no, no, never), or part of some kind of academic research. I have been the guinea pig of such researchers once, and I only found out far later, and I do not like this kind of thing. I like jazzy jam sessions, in which we are all participant in the making of a thing, together. And improv theatre, except, when none of us takes ‘a stage,’ and yet, all of us, by simply being there, make the stage, together. Together, in S P A C E.

Today, we’re hosting S P A C E sessions in Tokyo and Bangkok. Next month, on the 7th again, we’ll begin Riga and Phnom Penh. Are you there, are you listening, are you curious, are you ready? Show up and see what this is. More under all our upcomings. Be a part of it. Stop saying maybe. I just can’t stand that ridiculous ‘on the fence until indefinitely’ nonsense, it bogs me down. Decide, or decide not to decide. The door is open, though, for those who want to pop over, check it out, and do the thing. But you have to say ‘yes’ to find out where and how.

Cool? Cool.

More is on the way.