‘Against Reason’

FROM TODAY’s issue of S P A C E, which is S P A C E | Copenhagen, ‘Run, Eliza.’

COPENHAGEN. This one’s story, ‘The Maxis Viona’ is very much inspired by the multi-layered folds-within-folds of multiversial conversations with physicists and quantum physicists, especially while in Copenhagen to research and write this, but also with HL in Cameron Highlands last fall. Also have a listen to ‘Veena’s Song’ to get a feel for the story, that is on our podcast stuff at Soundcloud.

S P A C E. Thanks to all our subscribers in S P A C E for being a part of helping give this shape, intention, and realizing the vision: connecting the world, one designful moment at a time. These things are happening because you are here, reading, connecting, paying attention, being a part of things, sending friendly emails to DK reminding us to not quit, even when it’s so much easier to unplug, forever, from streams and streams and get lost in the woods. But you go to the woods, and then you emerge. And guess what? You go for it, again: full throttle. Meet us in the up? This is where to join.

HT: HH. Know what? That. That was a good party.

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AARHUS. Also set in Denmark was our earlier publication, S P A C E | Aarhus, ‘Janteloven.’