Art of… Cake

If you know me, you know I like quiet, off to the side places, where not that many people go, and if they do, they’re super regular and super local. This discovery of what I feel, personally, makes a great space (ie S P A C E), is something that I understand now is a particular thing and not a general thing. A few people, an immersion in the moment, the conversations being the focus and not the other jazz that distracts from that. Hours can go by. But we will budget two. For the real-life popup in the city of Latvia that DK will be in on 7 May to host ‘Art of Conversation.’ Details. Free for members of S P A C E, else, there’s a small cover but it includes a drink + cake  + a mini-gift from DK.

Update: Find ‘Art of Conversation’ event on FB.