Studio Day

I’M WRITING TODAY. On the computer pictured here. It was a going-away gift a year ago, when I was about to head to Finland for a three-month artist residency to make ‘zines’ with people I didn’t know yet, but trusting my instincts and the knack for starting up conversations (who knew?), went over there to explore and discover. Making these, through that process of showing up, chancing it, and finding the theme that seemed resonant with the most people who were local that I met. In this same exact way, I am now in Latvia. Showing up. Seeing where the jazz is (finding it yesterday at Kaņepes Culture Centre, and last week at a less interesting place but fortunately with good company). Company makes a big difference in these things, but so does the artistry of the musicians. Great session last night, and again, great company. These things are starting to feel like they are part of a bigger design: finding a community, whilst on the road. In an earlier post I may have written, while zining in Finland, a tad about ‘radicant growth,’  and here I am, discovering the journey within the journey which is a side trip of a six-year somehow-winding-up-in-Cambodia. Slash, ‘on the road.’ But without the whole book reference: that book is shite, if you ask me. I know, I know: it’s a ‘classic.’ But who decided what gets to be a classic? There. Think about that. Still thinking? Here’s something to read, to this point, in The Guardian. HT MD, one of my teammates here in S P A C E, who shares on twitter this and that, which is why we call him our ‘culture editor.’

NOW, HERE. The writers and the people who are asking, here, today, right where I am, who are showing up and doing the work of getting to it, in the struggle to not just ‘fight’ or ‘express’ but rather, to engage, are the people I feel I am bumping into through the process that S P A C E invites. Discovery, serendipity, the chance encounter, and of course, the willingness to take a chance and ‘say yes’ even if you’d really rather not. #whynot #sayyes was the resounding echo for my earlier invitations to people to join me for N’ in London, Bangkok, Hanoi, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Phnom Penh, and now I’m still at it, asking that, but rare is the moment that someone asks that… of me. Long story: not for posting here, in public.

For now, this is the news: Showing up is half the journey. As my father says, ‘Rest is up to you.’

This post… is for… the poets.