This post is for R.

THANK YOU. For the note. That was really kind of you. I didn’t expect… any kind of… thing like that but it was really sweet and thoughtful. I appreciate that we met. I appreciate that you found it interesting to connect, as we did, short though our encounter was. I think it’s so lovely that you came here to meet I. I really, really hope it works out for you–but it’s all a big journey, right? I think that is what I am learning, from you and others, who are teaching me that there is no fixed anything. That the idea of situating oneself on fixed ground is a troubled notion in a post postmodern era… and I do mean ‘post post’ with the double post. I won’t post this twice, don’t worry, but yeah. It’s funny. The world… I have so many things cooking up and percolating in various degrees of incubation and ‘bakedness’ and you reminded me that some of them are… finished.

From the series, ‘S P A C E | Latvia’

The feeling that one can immerse oneself in a new place and discover a story, ambiently, by staying interested and keeping one’s ears and eyes open, and then, telling pieces of it, in prototyped chapters of text, as we go… and that’s a thing I do, and it’s kinda… well… there are muffins that have come out of that oven, and they look like PDFs in our online store. Which means: this is going. I just put in another batch, and then, the new ones will pop out. While that’s happening, there’s more to make. Mixing new ingredients, discovering the savory and the sweet–anew.

Here we are. Here we go. Write me sometime (there’s a form at our contact page) if you see this… I got your note. I loved reading it. Thank you. For all that listening, for reaffirming for me, though perhaps you were not aware of it, that the ‘why’ of making S P A C E for me is a pursuit worth continuing. Last time this happened, I was in Ipoh, meeting N… Wonder if she’s still in Seville… Hmmmm.

Safe journeys, R. May you discover your own style of the beautiful, on an open, sunshine-y, and welcoming road. You deserve that kind of warmth and hospitality, I just kind of got the sense. I’m a sensing type. And yeah. Good luck, okay? Good luck. 🙂