‘That was fun!’

THIS NOTE is for the wonderful people I met last night. A, J and J, thank you. And before the bar, the person at the cafe. I’m sorry I forgot your initial…

Those were some good conversations !


You could.

Have them.


I really appreciate the interest in the zines. It was refreshing and delightful to meet people who were curious and open to the idea of trying something new. This is my job. This is my full-time job. It’s not like I do other things ‘for crust.’ No, no, no. I’m here to make zines. Nonlinear, unexpected: chance encounters, the serendipity of it all. Magic moments? If I’m lucky. More is coming. Join our list? Here’s where.


Hitting ‘print’ on ‘Janteloven’

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… And I’m excited, too, to finish the next issue already, today is the launch of S P A C E member Aske Pedersen‘s ‘Janteloven.’ Really great to work on this, I’m feeling excited to share it with our community, soon. Today we’re just gonna stare it internally, in DK’s very small, most inner circle of S P A C E: editors and friends, who’ve been talking with us, teaching us new ways of trying things, experimenting, exploring, traveling, discovering, and most importantly, writing and making, with us, these past 2+ years, around the world. But I do have a public page, too. Find it here.



Writing letters

ASTROLOGISTS SAY that Virgos need to be able to trust or have faith in the unknown or else suffer from unnecessary stress. After all, they don’t always have to know everything. It’s also best for Virgos if they learn to calm down and know when to stop overanalyzing situations or other people’s behaviors.

Dear Virgos,



S P A C E | Malaysia

DK’s Atelier S P A C E | KL happened in spring and fall 2018.

COMING AND GOING in Malaysia in 2018. A new thing is starting. A new small circle.

Zinemaking is part of it, but m ore than that, it’s ‘showing up.’ Big thanks to those of you who took part in our popups in KL in both the spring and just this past September, in the series Atelier S P A C E had hosted in an ad hoc style, more or less. But we’re getting less disorganized… if that’s a way to say it. I can’t say that we’re getting more organized. But it’s true we’re getting less disorganized. That I can say.

Many things to follow. (Were you in KL and didn’t get a chance to join us? It’s not that we’re going to do this indefinitely–S P A C E is moving around and changing all the time, and we’re going on the road again soon. But if there’s interest, we make a thing happen. Did you miss our previous stuff in KL? I’m putting things together in a roundup post, here. So that, you know, you can see that it happens. It’s a thing. Thanks to MM for the pics, and more to follow, there on that page, and in the active spaces of  our S P A C E forums too.

You know who you are.

See you there.

‘Hello again’

PHNOM PENH, it’s nice to see you.

Blogging, writing, conversing, connecting, and sharing–but slowly, small steps, this time. Meet me in the conversation spaces of  S P A C E. Looking through the photo archives since 2014, when DK first arrived in Siem Reap with no idea whatsoever that we’d be making Phnom Penh a base for the next four years. A long story. Writing, revising. Sharing, learning: but like I said, slowly, quietly, and in whispers, with very small circles. A new quiet space, a new, loose, light and less-public facing growth.

To be continued.

Phnom Penh // Photo by Dipika Kohli // DK 2018
DK’s first commissioned work in Phnom Penh was the brand identity design for NUK Cafe // DK 2014
The Book of Ennui // DK 2016
Chhunny Noem (right) and Akira Morita at the popup art show ‘Distracte’ at Mère Café, Phnom Penh // DK 2016
Book of Time // DK 2017
‘Book of Time’ popup atelier in Phnom Penh // DK 2016
Reading from Breakfast // DK 2016
Guests at the launch of Dipika Kohlil’s book, ‘Breakfast in Cambodia’ at TINI // DK 2016
’16N’ started in Phnom Penh with ‘N’: NORMALITY // Photo courtesy KGM 2014
‘Excerpts of Note’ // DK 2016-7, London and Phnom Penh
Studio on Street 63 in Phnom Penh // DK 2014

Relationships matter, and this is why, according to systems thinker George Vickers

‘Human contacts are dangerous [because] they matter so much, and no one knows how much they matter. Even the most trivial meeting makes a difference, slight or lasting, to one or both.

George Vickers, profiled in a book on systems thinking, makes it clear in his writing that it’s up to each of us to decide to make paying attention to the human relationships we’re involved in, in passing or more in depth, a priority—because they matter. And much, much more than we think.

‘Intimate contacts make heaven and hell, they can heal and tear, kill and raise from the dead. These contacts are the fields in which we succeed or fail. I believe they matter far more than anything else in life.

‘What we are is written on the people whom we have met and known, touched, loved, hated and passed by. It is the lives of others that testify for or against us, not our own.’

–George Vickers, systems thinker, quoted in the academic text Systems Thinkers (Sprinter: Rampage, Shipp, London, 2009)

(HT EJ. Thanks for the book!)

Excerpt from ‘Serendipities’

The formation of the most perfected words, the most meaningful, the most philosophical, in the fullest sense of the world occurs unfailingly in periods of ignorance and simplicity. The onomathurgical talent is invariably disappearing as we descend towards the civilized and scientific eras. In all the writings that appear in our time on this most interesting subject, there is nothing but an invocation of a philosophical language, and without knowing indeed without suspecting, that the most philosophical language is that in which philosophy is least mingled. The latter lacks too little faculties to create words. Intelligence to invent them, and authority to have them adopted. Does philosophy see a new object? It will go and leaf through its dictionaries to find an ancient or foreign term, and always the enterprise comes to a bad end. Montgolfiere, for example, which is used throughout the country, is correct in at least one sense. And I prefer it to aero state, which is a scientific term but suggests nothing. You could just as well call a ship hydrostatic. Observe the invasion of new words borrowed from the Greek over the last 20 years, gradually, as crimes or madness demanded them. More or less of them are formed erroneously, they are self contradictory. Theophiloanthrophists, for example, is a term more foolish than the thing in itself, which is saying plenty. A simple English or German scholar would have been led to say on the contrary. Theanthpophile. You will reply that this world was invented by wretches in a wretched age, and yet the terminology of chemistry, which was surely created by invited men, begins precisely with the lowest sort of solecism.

Poetics of Space


When they should say, instead, oxygon.

I am not a chemist, but I have excellent teasons to believe that honest terminology is destined to vanish. The fact remains in all case that from a philosophical and grammatical point of view it would be the most unhappy imaginable if the prize for barbarism were not contested and wrested away by the metric vocabulary.

p. 138-140 from the chapter, ‘The Linguistics of Joseph De Maistre’, Serendipities, Umberto Eco

International post

DK ARE GETTING READY to go to the post office. It’s been a little while since we’ve offered some of our work for sale, and this is the first time we are sharing in the post selections of our new S P A C E limited-edition printed zines. Get a four-pack of zines from our brand new series, S P A C E || Finland. Everything was made on the spot here in the middle of northern Finland, plus a few other spots like Helsinki, and built from real stories shared with us by people whose paths we happened to cross, in the project we have been doing since last Sept. that is called Atelier S P A C E.

Order before August 28 to be sure to get a hold of this one-time special offer.

(We can’t really guarantee postal service will work as well where we are going, next. But Scandinavia, yes. Order today and we’ll put aside a 4-pack with your name on it. If you want to send S P A C E as a gift to someone, just tell us whom to address our personalized letter when we put together the package. Order here.