THIS MORNING, it started to become clearer.


‘The new thing. There has to be a new thing, always.’



‘But you’re not finished with N.’

‘No. But I don’t want to get bored… well, not bored, but do you know how hard it is to try to get 16 people to commit and showup and pay and actually really, like, you know, do it, when they don’t know who I am, whew, wow, but so cool… and it’s… stressful and taxing and takes a lot out of me, even though it is magical and rewarding and beautiful, but you know, you can’t have that kind of intensity all the time, so in the meantime, less intense but more often kinds of conversations would be cool, and so rather than trying to expend every ounce of my energy trying to make 5N happen, which, it must and it will and it has to have enough space to enjoy itself when it is ready… and yeah. Not try at least to invent other things to try in the meantime… that would be stifling, wouldn’t it? It would be… silly. To get overly attached to N. Even though yeah, I turned this whole blog into the N journey thing there, for a while. Strange.’

‘So what is the next thing?’


The number π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159. Wikipedia


Chance Encounters in Phnom Penh


AFTER HOSTING THE JUNE SERIES OF EVENTS in Hanoi, DK are back in Phnom Penh as a team and curious to discover new people who might be newly arriving here. We just reset all our mailing lists, but there’s a new conversation salon that is getting underway and some of us are in Phnom Penh. People who are interested in taking part in real-life stuff can be part of this, when joining us in S P A C E. Meetpoints and programmes will be shared by email with anyone who is starting a conversation with us here. Let’s play? To the next! –JP