S P A C E | Malmö, ‘Vakt’

S P A C E | Huế

Protected: S P A C E | ‘January 2019, Dear’

1 March, New salon: S P A C E | ‘Postmodern nomads’

S P A C E | Tampere, ‘Miia’

Reality and trust

The things to come

Philosophy of the Moment

‘Proprioception,’ et al

Eavesdropping in Kuala Lumpur

Protected: S P A C E || Attention Pie

A big blind date for just 16, in Helsinki, and just once

S P A C E || Slow moment

Protected: S P A C E || In Finnish summer

Email me, maybe

An architecture of S P A C E: ‘Quality basic ingredients’

21 July | A festival of the zine in Kärsämäki

Making time for tea and friends

Protected: Journaling and photography in S P A C E

Protected: 2 July | DK’s online photography x writing workshop-salon

Zining in Finland

17 June | Then & Now

Welcome to Connection, welcome to S P A C E

‘Kaunter Tiket’

7 May | What can digital nomads learn from Dead Poets

S P A C E || Zines

A Nomadic Existence x Dead Poets Society

Atelier S P A C E || Kuala Lumpur

Protected: The Atelier S P A C E story

New tracks for April & May online workshops

Arts & Letters Society | Kuala Lumpur

3 April | SELF

1 April | Launch of S P A C E Vol. III 2017 collection, ‘Circumference’

Designing the next

Seeking collaborators, cohosts in KL, Riga, Oulu, and Helsinki