12 Feb | SELF in Bangkok

Mixing it up

Kære København

S P A C E || Sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov’s ‘bits’ on education

When real life is confusing, Part 1

Protected: S P A C E || ‘Writer, write! Anthropic principle’

A flurry of great conversations, all in real time

S P A C E || Art of not knowing

Protected: Programme details for Atelier S P A C E || Kuala Lumpur

S P A C E || A new mirror

Protected: S P A C E || The prospect of beauty

Timezones and persimmons

Interstitial space

The way it’s going

Protected: S P A C E || 251 emails

Protected: S P A C E || Book Club of 2

In one hour

On the eve of something new

S P A C E || The travel bug

8 January | Discover The Mirror

Hello Kuala Lumpur

Let’s talk travel, photography, and wanderlust

Letter from the Editor

Protected: Just a month to go until The Mirror

The why of S P A C E

A green space in George Town Penang

Protected: Port city

Being offline more

Scouting venues and making friends

Making S P A C E || Penang

‘The Good Stuff’

Tonight in Singapore! A 3-day zinemaking popup atelier begins

‘What is a zine, though?’

Being here now

Journey to S P A C E