Post-postmodernism and the seagulls

Consensus on what constitutes an era can not be easily achieved while that era is still in its early stages. However, a common theme of current attempts to define post-postmodernism is emerging as one where faith, trust, dialogue, performance, and sincerity can work to transcend postmodern irony. —Wikipedia Also: seagulls. Listening. Birds. Gulls. Blue everywhere, […]

‘Against Reason’

FROM TODAY’s issue of S P A C E, which is S P A C E | Copenhagen, ‘Run, Eliza.’ COPENHAGEN. This one’s story, ‘The Maxis Viona’ is very much inspired by the multi-layered folds-within-folds of multiversial conversations with physicists and quantum physicists, especially while in Copenhagen to research and write this, but also with […]

’90 percent of it is showing up’

Here we go. The next things. The book of things. The things to come. The journeys, the stories. The showing up, the conversations. The making up of a thing, as you go. The going and seeing. The asking of a person on the street instead of consulting Google. The meaning-making that happens in the road, […]

S P A C E | 東京, ‘幼なじみ’

東京は夜の7時… An old song from the nineteen-nineties and karaoke jaunts around Tokyo springs to mind, at this moment. It’s six minutes past seven. At 7.25PM there will be a bus to take me to the place where I will meet one of the old friends of the oldest friend of mine; that is the connexion […]

Co-create with DK

Late registration info for writing and designing, photographing and illustrating with DK for our series of ‘zines’ co-created in S P A C E is here. Eligible for people new to DK in 2019. Checkit.


This week, after a light sequence of conversation-starting in our forums Postmodern Nomads and the Book of New Things, DK is very excited to present the beginnings of a new chapter, in S P A C E. Read the full story here.

S P A C E | Haapavesi, ‘Katsotaan’

Traveling from one small town of northern Finland to another, one crosses kilometers of forests and, if it’s summer, sees the rays of light between the trees along the way. But arriving at a new destination, however short a drift from where you start, can often lead to unexpected new beginnings. Even if they don’t […]

S P A C E | ‘Maslow’s this and that’

From Wikipedia on ‘Self-Actualization’ ‘Research shows that when people live lives that are different from their true nature and capabilities, they are less likely to be happy than those whose goals and lives match.’ Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchical theory of human motivation in Motivation and Personality (1954). Maslow’s self-actualizing characteristics Efficient perceptions of reality. Self-actualizers […]

S P A C E | ‘Zodiac’

Writing. Shaping. Editing. S P A C E | Pangkor Island, ‘Two Pisces,’ set to release on Tuesday. Working double-time right now to finish this and a set of things that must be sent before getting on a plane and starting another chapter. (Well, continuing an old chapter that I have to finish. It’s about […]

S P A C E | International Womens Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re re-designing and calling for submissions for a re-release of our zine about the strongest woman we’ve ever met. The zine is called S P A C E | Kuala Lumpur, ‘Kaunter Tiket’. Some of you reading this today may already have one of the limited edition print runs […]