Mariska’s Itserakkausjuttu

Making the book ‘A Summer Love Story’

What I learned from Ireland about how to make space

Protected: Out of the box


Email me, maybe

Why marketers are liars

Tervetuloa viettämään aikaa, juttelemaan, valmistamaan oma uniikki zine

An architecture of S P A C E: ‘Quality basic ingredients’

21 July | A festival of the zine in Kärsämäki

Zining in Finland II

Making time for tea and friends

Protected: Ng1-f3

‘The time does not come back’

A Slow Moment begins

How our zines evolved into art books

Protected: 2 July | DK’s online photography x writing workshop-salon

Protected: S P A C E || Book Club

A popup zine festival in Finland: ‘Hei Kesä’, celebrating International Zine Day

Protected: S P A C E || Opportunity knocks

Zining in Finland

1 October | ‘Julia set’

Make a zine with us in Kuala Lumpur

Protected: S P A C E || After Cambodia

‘You’re supposed to be a starving artist’

Welcome to Connection, welcome to S P A C E

30 April | STAMMTISCH in Kuala Lumpur

Protected: Architecture

‘Briefly in Sheffield’

S P A C E || Zines

Protected: S P A C E || Disjointed and awkward real life conversations

A Nomadic Existence x Dead Poets Society


New tracks for April & May online workshops

Welcome Mirror Section Z. This is Chuck Close on practice, doing