New zine, ‘S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Lūdzu’

WHOLE LOT OF STUFF inspired this issue of our Latvia series of zines in S P A C E. This one is called ‘S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Lūdzu’. I think it’s the best one. I always say that about the most-recently published. A good sign, no? The issues are in our online […]

Forum: Int_rn_t

Went to some places. Came back. Not sure where is ‘here’ and ‘now,’ as I am in a post-Soviet place, that doesn’t like to talk too much about too many things in concrete terms. Wandering here since middle of April, running into people, discovering this curious and yet so-very-obvious notion that nothing is for sure […]

Kismuth & The Way

WRITTEN NOT LONG AGO, for the magazine column, ‘Kismuth & The Way’ that I do now every month is this one about going to Japan. Here’s how it starts…   I am in Narita: as in Tokyo Narita, as in, right next to the airport. From the window of this hotel you can see the […]

29 May: S P A C E | Rīga

An event. On 29 May. S P A C E party x conversation salon… below is the outline of what we are doing to wrap our six weeks in Latvia up… back again in 2020 for the writing project in Ventspils… Being here this spring was a warm-up, getting our feet wet, getting the sense […]

S P A C E Investigates: ‘Um. This is… Bad Art’

OK. I have to say. This is not easy to write. It just… feels like a rant-y title, already, and I do not want to go into that. But I have to sort of give it to the people who critique art as a thing that’s ridiculous and out of touch with reality: because yesterday, […]

23 issues of S P A C E

DK are curious about the people who are curious, mostly, and that means… discovering, and being open to being discovered. Fast update. E-MAG. There are 23 issues of our mini-mag, S P A C E, now available in our online store, too. For a lazy Sunday read, if you like the idea of discovering stories from […]

The things in S P A C E

THE STORY IN A NUTSHELL. Going to different parts of the world, mostly Southeast Asia and Northern Europe, to discover the interestingness. And I mean, interesting to me. I look for the contemporary aesthetic, but also, what the people are telling me who are ready to share, honestly and from the heart, in very short […]

Trains… and ‘Love is boring’

TOOK THE TRAIN to a side city in Latvia, just to drift about. Landed in a tourism office and got into a bit of a prickly conversation: some people who might be reading this will remember me talking about ‘the boxes,’ yes? If yes, that story, put into a short short play, is part of […]

The glory and quietness of DIY publishing

THIS WAS ORIGINALLY going to be a protected-page post. I didn’t want to get all corny about this whole DIY publishing thing. The scene. The strange feeling of having a thing that you want to share, but realizing that no one is readily around to hear it. And wondering if you are really on to […]

Studio Day

I’M WRITING TODAY. On the computer pictured here. It was a going-away gift a year ago, when I was about to head to Finland for a three-month artist residency to make ‘zines’ with people I didn’t know yet, but trusting my instincts and the knack for starting up conversations (who knew?), went over there to […]

Kismuth in 2019

HERE IS THE LATEST story that was published in Saathee Magazine, as part of DK’s monthly column, ‘Kismuth and the Way.’ It’s called ‘New Currents’. I had written ‘Just Being Honest’ for a year or so for Saathee when I had first gotten going on the road, in 2013, then took a break to write Breakfast […]

Post-postmodernism and the seagulls

Consensus on what constitutes an era can not be easily achieved while that era is still in its early stages. However, a common theme of current attempts to define post-postmodernism is emerging as one where faith, trust, dialogue, performance, and sincerity can work to transcend postmodern irony. —Wikipedia Also: seagulls. Listening. Birds. Gulls. Blue everywhere, […]

‘Against Reason’

FROM TODAY’s issue of S P A C E, which is S P A C E | Copenhagen, ‘Run, Eliza.’ COPENHAGEN. This one’s story, ‘The Maxis Viona’ is very much inspired by the multi-layered folds-within-folds of multiversial conversations with physicists and quantum physicists, especially while in Copenhagen to research and write this, but also with […]

’90 percent of it is showing up’

Here we go. The next things. The book of things. The things to come. The journeys, the stories. The showing up, the conversations. The making up of a thing, as you go. The going and seeing. The asking of a person on the street instead of consulting Google. The meaning-making that happens in the road, […]