S P A C E | Brussels, ‘The Work of Art’

Warm tones

S P A C E | 一瞬と呼ばれる喫茶店

S P A C E | Tampere, ‘Miia’

Designing for the aesthetic moment


Protected: SELF2019

S P A C E | The Book of Slow Moment

S P A C E | ‘Dear O.’

‘That was fun!’

Winter 2018-19: ‘The Work of Art’

Protected: S P A C E | The messy, crazy, funny, silly, laugh-y, cry-y thing that is the creative process

S P A C E | The Book of New Things

A new philosophy, a philosophy of the moment

Introducing the new zine, S P A C E | Helsinki

Prototyping S P A C E in Gangtok, India

Listening to Brian Greene and zining the multiverse

‘A new door to the Unbelievable’

Philosophy of the Moment

‘Proprioception,’ et al

Eavesdropping in Kuala Lumpur

Direction of motion, friction and planes

Writing ‘Koivu’

Ira Glass and Neil Gaiman on the creative process

Trust the process

At rest while in motion

Point and Line to Plane

7 Sept | Popup zinemaking atelier in KL


New endings and new beginnings

Mariska’s Itserakkausjuttu

Making the book ‘A Summer Love Story’

What I learned from Ireland about how to make space

S P A C E || Slow moment

Protected: S P A C E || But where are the stakeholders? (Or, How DK does innovation)

Protected: S P A C E || In Finnish summer