7 May | What can digital nomads learn from Dead Poets

NEXT up, in our interactive magazine S P A C E, is ‘A Nomadic Existence.’ Our 12-week programme lets you drop into the ‘rooms’ where we are hosting deeper conversations on topics popping up each week. What’s been talked about, and what’s being talked about now, are in the protected-pages posts at this blog.

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A Nomadic Existence x Dead Poets Society

In one hour

THIS IS HAPPENING. It really, really is. Four years of cojournaling. Two calls for interest in Januarys past. One short eBook anthology. And now, a small handful of people in timezones scattered who are saying ‘yes’ to the experiment and conversation that is this thing we made, together. Welcoming very warmly both new and returning guests to this year’s The Mirror. More is on the way, check your inbox. It’s exciting, isn’t it? This is my dashboard. Like it? More


WHAT IF WRITING could be a *shared experience?*

DK x Kismuth invite you to join us for the Cojournal Project. In which you will meet a very small circle of others (just 4) interested in making time and space each week to write. It’s not that you have to quit everything you are doing, but why not just commit to making *writing* a *thing*. Be accountable to yourself and the others, make it *happen*. It takes 20 minutes a week, and we do this for 12 weeks. You’ll get a new prompt on Monday, and you’ll have a week to write into a forum in a protected-page at Design Kompany’s site. So far we’ve enjoyed conversations with people on topics like, ‘Home & Away,’ ‘A Nomadic Existence,’ ‘The Village.’ Next are: ‘Strange Geometries’ and ‘The Book of Time.’ If the idea of connecting with Design Kompany’s Dipika Kohli and a handful of others to write and have someone write back with their own responses to the same prompts sounds interesting, this could be the thing for you.

Dipika asks, ‘What if writing could be a shared experience? What might we make, together?’ Kismuth Books published a short anthology, The Mirror, which was a collection of essays from Cojournal Project 2014. ‘It’s offered sporadically, when the mood strikes to write with others,’ she says.

JOIN. The Cojournal Project takes place in protected-page forum blog posts, online. It is 12 weeks. Starts 10 November, with a kickoff in real life at a *secret location* in  Singapore. Details will be shared *only* with those who register.

Questions? Contact us.