Application window for co-creating S P A C E | Summer 2019, ‘In the Vernacular’

For the summer of 2019, DK and friends are co-creating the zine series, ‘In the Vernacular’. Free to apply. Apply here.

Select candidates will be invited to register (programme fee is USD $160) at this page.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of an international conversation in which new and different others DK has personally connected with in real life or on the internet are gathering to share, learn, and continue to discover ways of taking old ideas and breaking into the new.

WHEN. 1- 30 June 2019.

WHAT IT IS. Architects, designers, graphic artists, graphic illustrators, and writers are invited to co-create the series with Design Kompany’s A. Spaice. Hosting the conversations in asynchronous online exchanges, DK will gather the key points of the emerging dialogues and create custom prompts every Tuesday. To more the direction of the conversation so as to come up with a coherent set of thought to then pack into weekly digital zines. These, together, will get us talking, and talking together, in S P A C E.

‘The whole is something other than the sum of its parts.’

New zine, ‘S P A C E | Drift’

Working on this, right now. Good fast wifi. I’m back at the cafe that reminds me of Seattle. Except for the music, and the exceptionally bright colors that people who wander in and out of this place are wearing (which I love), I feel right at home (and maybe even better than when I’m at home). I guess that’s good. I can only write when I’m in this kind of a mode. It’s rare to feel at ease enough to get into the ‘white zone’ or what do they call it, I can’t remember, for flow, you know what I mean right?, well yeah, that, while on the road, but then again, those are the kinds of things one thinks about while hopping on a train and heading out, as I did when I took this cover shot yesterday, to see what the seeing might invite one to see. If that makes sense. HT M. Thank you for meandering, with me… I hope you liked ‘The Book of New Things.’

#situationism #drift #postmodernnomads

Update: You can now get it in our store.