Prototyping S P A C E in Gangtok, India

LIFE. STORIES. Multiple, divergent, intersecting, and contradicting pluralities of narratives: the things we are pursuing here are not so much about gathering outcomes and publishing stuff that sounds and looks interesting (but has no content); rather, we want to invite into our innermost circles, in S P A C E, the exact kinds of new […]

The end of all our journeying happened in Sikkim

AND SO, TODAY I AM BACK IN MY USUAL ROUTINE, after a while away in a few completely other places where things were familiar (queues, quiet) in a strange, oblique way and yet, because of the move to Asia in 2013, things were completely weird (queues, quiet) from this point of view. “Back to reality?” this Italian woman asked me on a train. Reality? I feel like Cambodia is reality now. It’s all relative, right? Two years in Asia so far. That’s enough time to get my head around it. I’m looking forward to sharing in the future about the Khmer aesthetic, the subject of some research for something I’ll be able to talk more about in 2016.