LEARN DESIGN KOMPANY’s top 4 tools to uncover the answer to a very important question: What will be your legacy? SUMMARY. Here’s what it is. Get four top tools from our toolkit, which DK’s creative directors developed in-house over more than 10 years while working with different kinds of people and engaging with their unique […]

Zinery: creepy hobby or ‘most satisfying thing ever?’

JUST FOUND this intriguing article that gives you the zine publisher’s perspective on zinemaking. Why would you do it? Why would you try? There are a lot of people who want to express themselves, sure, but this is a way for those who are interested in moving a step towards real publishing (with an audience, […]

What Neil Gaiman said about The Mountain (and implied about artistic integrity)

LAST WEEK I WAS HAVING LUNCH IN A LUSH, hilly valley. Next table was this older couple, from the Netherlands, who had four daughters and five grandchildren. They were on holiday, walking in the air, getting inspired by landscapes, like me. We struck up conversation. “Daughters are special,” I said. “Yes, but if I had […]