S P A C E | Hanoi, ‘Miniparty’

LET’S TALK ABOUT learning. How we discover, find, and make new connections. Ideas, shapes of thinking and the input that comes from places that might not be the ‘usual’ ones. No more boring meetings: What are the containers that make great conversations *happen*? Conversations that lead to better collaboration and better work? Those are important. Let’s not waste time. Let’s make things better, together.

Better and more enjoyable: that’s the key.

How do we design the S P A C E that lets fresh thinking flow?

Let’s consider. Let’s discuss.

‘Strange Geometries’ is our first invite-only salon on this topic. Min 2. Max 6.

WHAT YOU’LL GET. DK will share very short introductions to design and lateral thinking methods, including:

  • Grice’s ‘Maxims of Conversation’
  • Six Thinking Hats, a method of opening dialogue.
  • The Open Space Technologies how-to.

This mini-conversation will be hosted by DK’s Dipika Kohli. She has delivered seminars at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on the topic of Design Thinking, a series caled SELF as a 9-week experiential program at Stanford University, and for an architects circle in Seattle DK was invited to present, ‘Just Be You.’


DipikaKohli.com | Processed Identity | GOOD | UNC-Chapel Hill | ThisBigCity | DesignKompany.com

Popup: Atelier S P A C E | Hanoi

Design Kompany is hosting Atelier S P A C E | Hanoi for a small group of curious and creative people to collaborate to make a zine.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN. You’ll connect with one another to find the story that we’ll then pack together into a 16-page printed zine. Walk away with a chance to engage with new and different others, make something together in a truly collaborative fashion, get to know a team of world-travelling designers at Design Kompany, and be part of an international conversation. S P A C E is going to cities of Northern Europe and Southeast Asia (Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019). Back issues of our magazine are in our online store (see link in menu). Last time DK were in Hanoi, DK released the zine S P A C E | Hanoi, whose lead story, ‘Unnecessary Jackets,’ was written by a longtime member of S P A C E. It is about family obligation in Vietnam and one young person’s struggle with that to realize his own personal life dreams.

Choose a day that works for you. Bring a +1 for free.

Registration fee: USD 15. All materials provided. Ages 16+. No experience necessary.A