Writing and eating

TWO THINGS today, on the agenda. Going through the conversations, going through the highlights of posts, of sharings to date, of learnings-as-we-went, and the reflections from ‘N’ in Phnom Penh, Bangkok, London, and the ones in progress in Copenhagen and Hanoi.

Today I will focus on getting things into a place where they are share-able with you, those of you who might be coming to this blog now, wondering about ‘N’. Did I invite you recently, to ‘N’ here in Hanoi? NARRATIVE is our theme. I’ll have bits that are easier to take in (than what kind people who mean well are telling me is) an unwieldy, not user-friendly blog. But… Writing. For one, mostly, here. I think. And people looking for places to leave links telling me how they think I should do something else with my ‘talent’ and stuff, which really, I’m so not interested in ‘digital marketing.’ I’m not going to write some compelling bit of fluff so you can sell your, what, wristwatches? I hate consumerism. I hate the junk that we are consuming without even letting ourselves ask, ‘Wait, wait, wait. Is this adding to my life. Really. Is it? IS it? And so on.)

Meantime, here in Hanoi…

‘N’ HANOI. With the help of 15 others, people who are new to one another, who don’t know what’s going to happen, who aren’t sure where this might lead them, but who are open to trying new things, we, together, will make an ‘N’ here in Hanoi. Next week. Now. Off to find some foodstuffs. And blogging. Blogging is a bit of a solo thing, for me, I think, esoteric and inaccessible as most stuff I like to post here tends to be (they said, gently). Anyway, so? It’s been just me, mostly, here at this space. So I welcome you to this conversation, even if it’s an ambient one, and more is on the way for those who get in touch to request an invitation >

Hello internet

WRITING TODAY. Lots. On email. Pencil-paper. In virtual blogs. At protected pages. Posting. Writing. Conversing. There are texts. There are sometimes phone calls. Things are starting to zoom into focus. Quickly, seamlessly. Not because of anything but one thing: committing to a thing. One thing. A focus. For me, this time, this next 6 months, the thing is this: true connection.

I am going to skip all the bloggy ranting, this time. None of that stuff, that’s kidstuff. This blog is growing up. This conversation is maturing. There is evolution, there are stages, we are going places. Progression is important (to me).

So yeah. I am going to get straight to heart of the ‘why’ of making these bloggy things, and writing, and creating space for us to discover and connect, and interconnect. And maybe it will surprise you. But this will only happen in the virtual conversations. Many reasons. It’s personal. It’s always personal. (Isn’t that what the Godfather said?)

Curious about what we are up to? Connect here.