S P A C E || The Creative Process

In a set of conversations these last two weeks in Penang, DK has learned something cool. We found that there are many here who want to talk, in some depth, about the creative process itself. This is exciting. I am reminded of MAKE, a conversation salon we had held in the US, where I had […]

Make a Zine: A video that asks, ‘Is telling stories on paper a dying art?’

IF YOU CAN IGNORE the overt product placement by their sponsor, this promo video by A Day Magazine for their Make a Zine fair in Bangkok is simply *charming*. For a while now we have been looking up videos trying to gathering inspiration to share ahead of Atelier S P A C E in Singapore […]

What Neil Gaiman said about The Mountain (and implied about artistic integrity)

LAST WEEK I WAS HAVING LUNCH IN A LUSH, hilly valley. Next table was this older couple, from the Netherlands, who had four daughters and five grandchildren. They were on holiday, walking in the air, getting inspired by landscapes, like me. We struck up conversation. “Daughters are special,” I said. “Yes, but if I had […]