Atelier S P A C E | Tokyo

14 March | ‘The Resistance’

S P A C E | Berlin, ‘Strange Geometries’

S P A C E | The State of Publishing

Protected: ‘You’re pretty serious about it, then’

S P A C E | ‘Strange Geometries’

Reality and trust

Z I N E S and making S P A C E

The Mirror

Salon: Origin

S P A C E || Finland

Sharing a moment in Oulu


16 August | Zines x Coffee at Oulu Arts Night

Art and design and real life and conversation in Phnom Penh

Protected: S P A C E || The poet who showed me what Art is

A big blind date for just 16, in Helsinki, and just once

Protected: S P A C E || The shape of S P A C E

Hei Kesä @ Cafe Onni

21 July | Zinemaking popup ‘Hei Kesä’ in Kärsämäki

A Slow Moment begins


A popup zine festival in Finland: ‘Hei Kesä’, celebrating International Zine Day

25 May | KL ‘Kaunter Tiket’ zine launch party

Arts & Letters Society | Kuala Lumpur

30 April | STAMMTISCH in Kuala Lumpur

Introducing J A Z Z

Seeking collaborators, cohosts in KL, Riga, Oulu, and Helsinki

Diary of Atelier S P A C E in pics

S P A C E || The best is yet to come

Change starts with wanting to

Wanderlust || Cameron Highlands

S P A C E || New things

S P A C E || The travel bug

S P A C E: The Art of Not Knowing

The why of S P A C E