Protected: Just a month to go until The Mirror

S P A C E || Games afternoon

Scouting venues and making friends

On freedom

Tonight in Singapore! A 3-day zinemaking popup atelier begins

Protected: The seed

Journey to S P A C E

PRINTED MATTERS | 3 November is this Atelier S P A C E pre-event

A designers’ guide to 25 of Singapore’s day-work cafes, art stores, and ‘third places’


Protected: ‘Hi. I’m from the internet’

Protected: Media Kit

‘Curious and intrigued’, a note from Singapore

S P A C E Battambang: A new start in zine print publishing

Break it up with subheds: the making of S P A C E

Protected: Speaking leadership in metaphor

Launch of a new chapbook, Phnom Penh || S P A C E

Protected: Designing 2018

The Mirror

Protected: The Luddite

Protected: Us and you

Protected: S P A C E || Portmanteau

Wherever you go, there you are

Protected: The journey of 1000 miles starts *today*

Changing it up

Can new definitions open new possibilities?

The Art of Not Knowing

A new plateau

The beginning is half of every journey

Trust the creative process, find the art and magic

Naming, concept and brand identity for NUK Cafe in Phnom Penh

Toe selfies

Protected: Against boredom (and the boring, and that thing called ennui)

Jai Ranganathan: ‘Sharpen and heighten’

S P A C E || End of grade testing