Coming to your city to host a 16-way blind date

THE MOMENT. The sharing. The conversation. The !*. The a-ha. Call it what you will, I’m looking for it. That snap that happens in an intuitive, time-slowing way is the stuff of what, lately, I’ve been calling in my head, and DK rambled about here, ‘the good stuff.’ It’s not about any particular style, place, […]

S. P. A. C. E: ‘A last long look, from the far harbor’

TODAY I AM WRITING FROM SWEDEN. Tomorrow I will go to Denmark. It feels very strange Writing these Words from a computer that has a keyboard setup for SV. There are some intriguing characters that come up, like ö and Ö and when you see them here, you are moved, because the unexpected rises and makes you say, äHuh.ä

What is NOW? by ‘N’ Bangkok

FB_IMG_1444538773539‘NOW’ IS AS EPHEMERAL AS EVER. Am I doing what is important to me, making the most it? Can I at least help someone else to answer ‘yes’ to that question? And would it be okay to just relish in not being exhausted for a moment, now?

Gearing up for ‘N’ Bangkok: our theme is NOW

16 people x 16 cities.THIS WEEK as I do some research to learn about what people in Bangkok think about NOW, I’m getting to meet some extraordinary people. I’ll be able to tell you about some of them, soon, in a blog post series that I hope will bring new voices into ‘N’, the project, and document along the way some of the learning that’s going on. This could start with the people behind a giant boxing match that just happened on Saturday; can’t think of anything more immediate about the physicality of NOW than a fight.

The next ‘N’ is coming to Thailand, and this is why

A FEW PEOPLE ARE ASKING ME ABOUT the next ‘N’ event, since there will be 15 more to make to complete the series ’16N’. The first one, ‘N’ Phnom Penh, took place at NUK Cafe in April. It was a test, of sorts. In today’s “Culture of Maybe” I’ve been feeling a little lost when […]