A new plateau

LEGACIES ARE MADE AND BUILT based on the learnings we can articulate clearly, and share. Dialogue makes us gather our ideas and respond to those of others, too. Perspectives can shift and whole rooms of internal awareness can open, if we allow ourselves room to reflect. It’s why I am always taking pictures like this, I think. I like to make the space for zooming into quiet. Processing ‘N’, which just happened on Wednesday here in London. No pictures. No social media. Just quiet space, to feel what it was, and reflect. Quietly, alone.

There are a few things coming together for 2017 for members of our online community, S. P. A. C. E. A different kind of thing than me posting blog entries, much more interactive: both real-life spacemaking events in cities like San Francisco and Bangkok, and conversation forums in online ‘rooms.’ The big idea is much like the 16N experience: connecting us to new and different others, making space for us to reflect and better tune in to our own selves, our own hoped-for legacy, whether we’re conscious of what it is or just open to ambling our way towards something bigger than simply existing day-to-day. I came to London a year ago to see George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman. In which similar questions of existence and purpose and meaning popped up. I can tell you where all this is going, but only if you are interest in hearing more. Are you? If yes, leave me a note.

A picture blog

IN UNCERTAIN TIMES, one of the things we can do is to keep talking, and gathering, and sharing our views. Especially with new and different others.

‘N’. Right now I am in London. Because we are about to host 16N, a conversation salon that’s also a big blind date. The idea is to mix it up. (We tried to spell that out more at this page, which, I think, I hope, helps describe the ‘why’ of a thing like this. And why we continue to try to convene people who don’t know one another, who are new and different to each other, for discovering new thinking and new perspectives in a light, fun way that’s not academic or weird). Well, maybe it’s a bit weird. A stranger contacts you and asks you out to a thing called ‘N’. What would you do? Delete? That’s pretty much what 99% of people have done. Believe it or not, I’ve made more than 550 personal invites so far, but that’s okay. I’m looking for the magic set of 16, and it *is* pretty magical when it happens.

At ‘N’ in Phnom Penh we talked about what is NORMAL. Then, in Bangkok, we talked about NOW. In five days, here in London, 16 strangers will talk together on NOTEWORTHINESS. ‘What’s remarkable? Why do we think so?’ So far, 12 tickets booked at the time of this writing. Is anyone out there, reading and being curious from a distance? Now is the time to hit me up.

Meantime, I’ll be posting. Every day. Pics at instagram.com/dkompany

I look forward to any reconnections, new conversations to come.

To the journey! —AS