S P A C E | Japan

Currently: Making S P A C E in Việt Nam

Protected: S P A C E | The Book of New Things

S P A C E | ‘What is important to learn and know about?’

Protected: S P A C E | The messy, crazy, funny, silly, laugh-y, cry-y thing that is the creative process

Zinemaking workshop: Atelier S P A C E || Phnom Penh

Philosophy of the Moment

Popup art installation in KL: ‘Art of the Z I N E’

Learning Finnish

Not chatting up strangers, but then, doing it anyway

The Mirror

At rest while in motion

Point and Line to Plane

Salon: Arts & Letters Society

Welcome to the party

‘N’ Helsinki: NEUROSIS

6 years after ‘State of Publishing’

Hello from Finland

A bouquet for September


16 August | Zines x Coffee at Oulu Arts Night

Making the book ‘A Summer Love Story’

What I learned from Ireland about how to make space

Protected: S P A C E || Attention Pie

Protected: S P A C E || In Finnish summer Part 2

Protected: S P A C E || Engaging with Slow Moments

29 August | ‘N’ Helsinki: NEUROSIS

A Slow Moment begins

A popup zine festival in Finland: ‘Hei Kesä’, celebrating International Zine Day

S P A C E || Zines

Arts & Letters Society | Kuala Lumpur

Protected: S P A C E || Book Club of 2

Hello Kuala Lumpur

The narrative of ‘N’ Hanoi, Part 4