Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh #7

How we met…

MAYBE WE JUST met, yesterday at the restaurant playing a game of cards. Or a design conversation, or I found you on the internet and emailed you to say hello. You might have met one of our team members out and about in Phnom Penh, over the course of 2014-now. Or a jazz show: I like these, and there seem to be a very small circle of us who go to the ones that happen. When they do. Did we meet over coffee somewhere in Toul Kork? Did we find one another at a meetup? I want to enjoy hosting a space this THURSDAY that, you might find, to be quite unexpected (read nothing like a boring meetup). The idea is to *mix together* a small handful of people whose paths we have been crossing, through *serendipity and randomness* and just being around, and *get us together*… but briefly, and once. It’s part of the Rooftop Phil. in PP series, but interestingly, in 6 salons so far only 1 person has joined more than once. That’s why I’m inviting *only* people I’ve met *since* the last one… half a year ago.

Are you on?

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SELF: An online workshop

SELF is an online workshop, hosted by Design Kompany’s Dipika Kohli (TEDx ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left,’ editor of S P A C E and author at Kismuth Books).

SELF is a 100% online programme, with no scheduled appointments or video conferencing at all. It’s just email correspondence. A virtual circle of people who are interested in: taking stock; considering future directions; evaluating what’s most important to themselves; and discovering, through reflection and writing, just why.

Read more, and register, here.