1 March, New salon: S P A C E | ‘Postmodern nomads’

Salon: Origin

Atelier S P A C E || Kärsämäki

Protected: Journaling and photography in S P A C E

Protected: 2 July | DK’s online photography x writing workshop-salon

Protected: The journey continues

SELF || Bangkok

In one hour

Launch of a new chapbook, Phnom Penh || S P A C E

The Mirror

Protected: Us and you

Protected: Automatic and mechanic

Protected: The magic moment

Protected: Odd matches

Timesaving tip: Commit to something

In her own voice

Protected: Lifehacking: How I figured out what I’m supposed to do

Protected: Will you show up? (Will I?)

Protected: ‘Is there something new?’

Writing and hiding and autocorrecting in S P A C E

Protected: Registration for THE VILLAGE, starts 12 September

Protected: Letters to J, M, R, and maybe M

Protected: Beginning

A Q&A with author Michelle L. Stephens: ‘Venturing into the unfamiliar’

Protected: Welcome to THE VILLAGE

Protected: A letter to… Utah, I think

Work, Life & Family

Welcome to the Village

A new circle

Protected: Monsoons and winds

The Village

S P A C E || Arrivals & New Circles