Anchor points

Exhibit ‘S’

WRITING TODAY, again. Also, some Illustrator. It’s been a really long time. I almost forgot how to use this. But I always think about something that someone said when we used to gather designers for ‘first Monday Designers’ Korner’ at Stumbling Monk in Seattle. (Wow, three years of that series, so much fun.) Not sure who was there the one time I’m thinking of besides me, NS, UF, and DK, but yeah. We were talking about Illustrator, and how you decide how to price your work. No one really has the magic formula on this. It’s not about hours spent, is it? But at this meetup, I remember this, someone said, ‘For illustrations it’s hard. What do you do? Like, if it costs more, what? You get more anchor points?’


Do you, though?