Timezones and persimmons

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The way it’s going

The Mirror

On the eve of something new

Protected: Waiting for the miracle

S P A C E || The travel bug

8 January | Discover The Mirror

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S P A C E || Launch party for the new zine, S P A C E || Penang

S P A C E: The Art of Not Knowing

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Scouting venues and making friends

‘The Good Stuff’

‘What is a zine, though?’

Protected: Metaphysics & metaphilosophy

Journey to S P A C E

Battambang vis-a-vis Singapore

Printed Matters || Atelier S P A C E pre-event


The Book of Time || Registration

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‘Curious and intrigued’, a note from Singapore

Fail fast

Protected: The journey of 1000 miles starts *today*

The Village II

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Changing it up

Protected: Online salon: A nomadic existence

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In her own voice

Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh #7

Nomad life of artist-wanderers