DK’s new relational aesthetics

Don’t Reach For The Phone First. Make Art

Protected: Journaling and photography in S P A C E

Midsummer in Finland

The writing process

Protected: S P A C E || Opportunity knocks

1 June | Atelier S P A C E moves to Finland

Protected: S P A C E || After Cambodia

‘You’re supposed to be a starving artist’

Welcome to Connection, welcome to S P A C E

7 May | What can digital nomads learn from Dead Poets

A Nomadic Existence x Dead Poets Society

New tracks for April & May online workshops

Welcome Mirror Section Z. This is Chuck Close on practice, doing

1 April | Launch of S P A C E Vol. III 2017 collection, ‘Circumference’

Hoity toity jargon-happy boringness, academics and obfuscation

Making more and better S P A C E

Protected: The journey continues

The Mirror Section B

S P A C E || Breakfasting

Protected: See for yourself

Protected: S P A C E || The fight I got in with you last night

Protected: 5 March || Join The Mirror Section B

SELF || Bangkok

Readings from S P A C E

Interstitial space

Protected: S P A C E || Book Club of 2

The Mirror

On the eve of something new

S P A C E || The travel bug

S P A C E || ‘Good Night, Day!’

8 January | Discover The Mirror

Hello Kuala Lumpur

Atelier S P A C E || Cameron Highlands

Letter from the Editor