Z I N E S and making S P A C E

Zine launch: S P A C E | Kärsämäki, ‘Kesärakkausjuttu’

Introducing the new zine, S P A C E | Helsinki

Zine launch: S P A C E || Helsinki

Popup art installation in KL: ‘Art of the Z I N E’

S P A C E || Finland

Sharing a moment in Oulu

Hei Kesä @ Oulu Arts Night


International post

S P A C E || Pappila popup

S P A C E || Kesä rakkaustarina

21 July | Zinemaking popup ‘Hei Kesä’ in Kärsämäki

21 July | A festival of the zine in Kärsämäki

Zining in Finland II

How our zines evolved into art books


Hei Kesä: ‘Zine’ festivaali in Kärsämäki

25 May | KL ‘Kaunter Tiket’ zine launch party

‘Kaunter Tiket’

Protected: S P A C E || Photographing the ‘slow moment’

S P A C E || Zines

S P A C E || Technical issue

Zinery: creepy hobby or ‘most satisfying thing ever?’

Atelier S P A C E is *almost here*

Found: La Paloma Academy’s ode to #zines

Protected: The journey of 1000 miles starts *today*