Akira Morita at DK’s Seattle studio, Kornerhaus
Dipika Kohli presents a seminar, ‘Just Be You,’ for a dozen architects in Seattle

DESIGN KOMPANY’s co-founders are Akira Morita and Dipika Kohli.

They founded their studio in Seattle in 2004.

Prior to DK, the pair had been working in fields of: journalism, event management, and graphic design.

They had first found synergy in the mid-1990s, when in the midst of a generally boring gathering, they discovered a shared interest in ‘going outside of the margins.’ Starting then they began to organize people into small groups of conversation circles, inviting *new* and *different* others to convene, connect, and play. Big parties like Sugar, Pop, and Dazzle while in Seattle got people talking together and expressing themselves to one another, commenting that, ‘You are building community,’ and ‘I had some amazing conversations with people I never would have met before.’ That work is still going, to continue to design more and better S P A C E. Cool, fun and *awesome* space that invites room for everyone to be heard, which is, of course true dialogue, the kind that has a center, and not sides.

Since 2014, DK are based in Phnom Penh, where Akira is focused on design thinking.

Dipika makes art books and zines, and comes up with ideas for conversation salons that ‘get us all out of our boxes.’ Her personal website is here.


THE SITUATIONISTS HAD A CONCEPT, of Drift. To allow oneself to wander and stumble upon the new could open wildly exciting and unforeseen doors, and shake things up. Any creative person who isn’t pushing herself to continue to grow just isn’t going to find anything out, they feel, so they are designing spaces for people to engage with this kind of approach, to let themselves discover through their own experiences how to feel one’s way towards what’s cool and fun and new. Worlds change. People quit jobs, move across the country, shake up their relationships. They also say that DK’s salons are ‘refreshingly honest,’ and ‘a breath of fresh air.’ Shaping space for true dialogue, the kind with a center, and not sides, is DK’s big work, which the team like to call ‘N+1’. ‘Are you N+1’ing it? No? Then go back to the drawing board, come up with a new idea. No, come up with 49 new ideas. Then we’ll talk again.’



Akira Morita
Co-founder. Design thinker

Dipika Kohli
Co founder. Spacemaker

Jas Plac

Operations manager.

A. Spaice
Research & Development.


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