IT TAKES a lot of people and a lot of trust to make a set of events, and write co-created nonfiction zines together. I want to acknowledge those who shared their time and stories with DK and Atelier S P A C E in Finland June-August 2018. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. Many warm thanks for the great conversations to: Eveliina Karsikas, Kathelijne Adriaensen, Asta Sinerva, Sirpa Heikura, Simo-Sakari Niemelä, Fırat Taşdemir, Johan Engström, Maria Raasakka, Sanna Upola, Rastislav Somora, Seo Jin Ahn, Ana-Maria Ovadiuc, Charles Tirkey, Saarah Choudhury, Benjamin Nwaneampeh, Joanna Ohenoja, Paavo Heinonen, Reijo Valta, Eero Österberg, Esa Puolakka, and Merja Vedenjuoksu.


P O P U P  _ I N S T A L L A T I O N S
H O S T E D _ B Y  _ D K  & F R I E N D S
A T E L I E R  S P A C E || F I N L A N D
S U M M E R 2 0 1 8

DK x Cafe Onni

MAKE, TAKE and CAKE. ‘Hei Kesä’ poopup art installation x zinemaking atelier at Eveliina Karsikas’ Cafe Onni in Kärsämäki, 21 July 2018. If you’re ever driving on National Road 4 and passing through Kärsämäki, which you’ll have to do, stop by, say hi to her, and check out DK’s art piece that she asked us to make especially for the space. Be sure to give Eveliina a high-five from DK.
A popup installation on International Zine Day, 2018, in northern Finland.

DK x Kahvila Tuokio

DK x OULU ARTS NIGHT. ‘Hei Kesä’ poopup art installation x zinemaking atelier at Kahvila Toukio in Oulu with Oulu Arts Night, 16 August 2018. This was a great collaboration that wouldn’t have been possible without the effort and trust that people gave DK to make it happen. Big thanks to: Paavo Heinonen for including DK in the programme and inviting us to some great literary and music events in Oulu; to Anu Lakkapää of Kahvila Tuokio for sharing the venue with us, and to Jānis Žguts for co-hosting Atelier S P A C E || Oulu with DK.



DK x A&LS Finland

IMPROVISING. DK and friend at Arts & Letters Society Finland put together an impromptu zine show. DK’s Dipika Kohli was part in the Air FROSTERUS artist residency from June-August, 2018. During that time, this was the first and last popup installation, with teas and zines, that happened over an afternoon of music in the world-famous architectural icon, Paanukirkko, or ‘Shingle Church.’ Special thanks to Iiris for inviting Dipika to Air FROSTERUS in Kärsämäki.
Print zines in limited editions of 1, 3, and 5 // DK 2018



A B O U T  A T E L I E R  S P A C E

Discover the collection, S P A C E, at More about Atelier S P A C E is here. Next stops are under our ‘upcomings.’

More about DK and our work to make Z I N E S, so as to connect and interconnect new and different others, is here.

Sample S P A C E

S P A C E is a weekly eZine.

A U T U M N  2 0 1 8

S P A C E || Slow Moment

New photography by Dipika Kohli, in black and white. All from the Atelier S P A C E series in Finland, which was about slowing down to ‘see’, journal, note, and ‘be.’ Cover styled by artist Kathelijne Adriaensen. // DK 2018. Read more about ‘Slow Moment’ here.


S P A C E || Helsinki

Alexis Jokela and Dipika Kohli collaborated at Atelier S P A C E | Kärsämäki to make a set of zines, which we are releasing 1 October as a 30-page PDF. S P A C E || Helsinki’s lead story is ‘Julia Set,’ based on a real life conversation with a mathematician from the University of Helsinki that DK bumped into on the first full day in Finland. From there, the conversation spaces go to the northern climes, and the stories that follow include Jokela’s ‘Michaela,’ (in both Finnish and English), and the team’s ‘Letting Go of Dead Things.’ Packed with photographs taken especially for the zine, through a parallel project called ‘Slow Moment’ in collaboration with guests of DK’s online community, S P A C E, this zine is the first highly collaborative piece from DK. That’s because it gathers ideas and people from both online forum-spaces and gets us talking together, then brings feelings and conversations from real life spaces into the writing, too, and combines these in an interactive connective framework from which the selections that go into the final zine are picked.



What a really pretty set of pictures and creations!
It inspires some kind of nordic peace, just looking at it.
Congratulations for the great work!

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