DK are seeking to connect with new people in order to host a series of Atelier S P A C E in Finland. We are already pegged to make July 21, which is International Zine Day, the highlight of our tour with a special collaboration in Kärsämäki with Kattilakoski Culture Cooperative and AIR Frosterus. Discover the story as it unfolds behind the scenes here in this special sequence of S P A C E Vol. IV, JULY/AUGUST Issues to see where things go. You’ll get a copy of the first zine we created through the Atelier S P A C E series, S P A C E || Battambang, when you sign up. We are also starting exclusive behind-the-scenes updates *only* with members of this very new, very focused short-term list


What is Atelier S P A C E ?

‘Make a zine’

Zine is pronounced ZEEN, and is short for ‘magazine’.

Making zines in Finland. Blog posts >

TEST YOUR CREATIVE bounds when you take part in this two-hour workshop, hosted by Dipika Kohli, author and creative director of the boutique studio, Design Kompany. You’ll be part of an international conversation in which people in cities around the world are connecting to make, in real life, small 8-page zines. Part words, part imagery, and part new things we haven’t thought up together yet, this is all a 100% cocreation. These small publications are informal. The workshops in which they are created will welcome you to try new ways of expressing ideas, not just your own but also new and fresh angles on thinking that will be inspired by the others you will meet who will take part.
iential focus: you will be part of a truly collaborative process, one which will mean talking together with new people and finding a theme to focus the mini-book on, so that what we will make will be original and couldn’t have been made any other way except together with that particular set of other people, at this point in space and time. Never to be repeated again. How to take part? Get our mailings to find out when and where our next workshops will pop up. Discover. Connect. Meet, and make. In real life, together. DK warmly invite you to experience a new dimension of an out-of-the-usual S P A C E. Workshops are taking place in Finland 1 June – 31 August, 2018. Exclusive story. Join this short-term list to find out how the story of Finland and making zine ateliers there is going.

Get the behind-the-scenes story


‘The State of Publishing’, a popup conversation salon with bloggers, writers, photographers, journalists. DK x Mercury Studio, Durham NC.


Past projects

DK has teamed with people for years to co-host salons and ateliers. Now we’re practicing the atelier, Atelier S P A C E, a roving international popup zinemaking workshop x conversation-salon. We love zines. They’re short. Light, fun, and spontaneous. Like the Atelier S P A C E experience itself: it’s a popup. We are ready. We are going. We are already on the move. But there are some things we are searching for, to make a truly collaborative and unique experiences *popup* and *actually happen*.


‘It’s a good idea…’


SOME OF THE FUNNEST programmes in the past have been collaborations with people who simply just love community spaces, where new and different others are engaged and connected, just hanging out, having a good time. There are a couple of art spaces we’ve jammed with, music venues like Cabaret in Phnom Penh, for example, or jazZ happens in Bangkok. Sometimes an art gallery, like The Carrack Modern Art in Durham, NC, and DK naturally discover one another and dream up *a thing*, on the spot. Once, we found a cool design studio, Echostream Design Consultancy, in Gangtok, whose leadership was along these lines: ‘Yeah. That sounds good. What can we do to help?’ A co-working space can be a space. Or a bar. Or a cafe. Even a library or museum. The *where* isn’t important. It’s the *who*. These work very well with people who care about new things, are deeply curious, and ready to take a chance on something new.

They might be in any field, but spacemaking in a quality way really matters to them. Atelier S P A C E is never templated, each programme is different, because we bring in the character and personality of our co-hosts. That’s just what it means to co-create. We’re looking to make Atelier S P A C E in the popup style, on the fly. In search of the magic moment where we are noticing one another, in real life, together. Discovering people. Bricolage style, seeing what we can do when we show up for real life and let things happen. This past summer we did 16N in Hanoi, and the free flow style of it inspired this new idea, Atelier S P A C E. In which, let’s *make* something. Zines are a way to share in the moment of creating, together, as we go, so that’s our focus for Atelier S P A C E: to create a series of zines.

Ahead of our movements, we try to discover…


    • CO-PRODUCERS. Would you like to co-create this with us? People who are in the business of hosting experiences are welcome to suggest a collaboration.
    • TEAMMATES. Do you design? Illustrate? Code? What can you bring to the space that we can add to our skill set as we build and design the piece(s) we will make?
    • SPONSORS. Can you or your organization provide financial support?
    • TRANSLATOR(S). When English is a second language, we’d need some help here.
    • PEOPLE WHO CAN SHARE THIS STORY. Who will come to share in the experience as observers? Who will take part in our conversation salons, and document what is shared so that others can enjoy the story? Friends in your community who can engage with the programmes, and talk about what’s happening, are an important part of this team to invite and to include.
    • EVENT PROMOTERS. Ahead of our journey, we’ll be networking and looking for people to help us spread the word about our events, like the kickoff party and closing reception.
    • INTERNS. A few spots are available to members of our S P A C E community for internships.
  • SPACE.

    • POPUP OFFICE. Design studio preferable. That’s just because we are a little nerdy about the equipment we are used to (Adobe Creative Suite, et al), and these places tend to have such programmes installed.
    • BOOKSHOPS, GALLERIES & OTHER VENUE HOSTS. Do you have a fun venue? Do you programme events?
    • ACCOMMODATION. A bright, one-bedroom studio, room to let, hotel or guesthouse. Quiet and clean. Weekly let, or monthly.
    • A CAFE. The gathering place for informal meetings. Should be inexpensive, accessible, and owned by someone interested in participating in the atelier. It’s always nice to have a ‘third place’ to team with so that no one person or group becomes ‘the owner.’
    • A LIBRARY. Where can we study, research, write, and gather notes?


Want to do this with us?

Collaborate with DK to make the next issue of S P A C E. Send us a message to connect… Also join our list to find out more.