1 September | ‘Slow Moment’

What picture will go on the cover? When we go, we’ll look around. Meet new people. Ask them to co-create with us this 8-page zine.

Atelier S P A C E || Kärsämäki

 A salon
A three-month incubation for practicing Slow Moment
A zine
A workshop


S P A C E || Kärsämäki

S L O W  M O M E N T

A photozine

DK are seeking to connect with new people in order to host a series of Atelier S P A C E in Finland. We are already pegged to make July 21, which is International Zine Day, the highlight of our tour with a special collaboration in Kärsämäki with the Finnish Life Story Association and AIR Frosterus, which is where this picture is taken. (Photo courtesy Kattilakoski Culture Cooperative).

Discover the story as it unfolds behind the scenes here in this special sequence of S P A C E Vol. IV, MAY/JUNE Issues 1-8, to see where things go. Get the updates for free when you sign up here.

To get started with planning the workshop and programme, Design Kompany are interviewing some of our favorite photographers around the world to talk about how to get into the practice of looking, noticing, and connecting withy our subjects. We have this vague hunch that photography seems like it’s become cheap because it’s everywhere, but then, after some reflection, are on to the notion that it’s not the technology’s fault, so much, as the loss of a sense of how to actually slow down, notice your subject, and then, capture the. feeling of that place, or person, or object… More to say. Will share the updates as it goes when you join our mailing list for [S P A C E] Finland.



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