21 July | ‘Slow Moment’

Atelier S P A C E || Kärsämäki

S L O W  M O M E N T

A photozine

DK will host a series, Atelier S P A C E from June – August in Oulu, Helsinki and Kärsämäki, Finland. On July 21, which is International Zine Day, we’re invited for a special collaboration in Kärsämäki with the Finnish Life Story Association (Elämäntarinayhdistys), and Kattilakoski Culture Cooperative, where we are participating in the summer artist-in-residency programme.

To prepare, earlier this year Design Kompany interviewed some of our favorite photographers around the world to talk about how to get into the practice of looking, noticing, and connecting deeply with our subjects. (We have this vague hunch that photography’s become cheap because it’s everywhere, but then, after some reflection, are also on to the notion that it’s not the technology’s fault, so much, as the loss of a sense of how to actually slow down, notice your subject, and then, capture the. feeling of that place, or person, or object.) More to say. For the backchannel conversations, add your name to our list, [S P A C E] Finland.

What can you expect when you pre-order the zine? Make space to slow down and discover the quiet moments when you pre-order a copy of Design Kompany’s 8-page A4 zine, ‘Slow Moment.’ Articles, essays, conversation-starters, and photographs. Stories will take you through the process of recovering your time, noticing details, and owning your space. DK will compose the stories or source them from area writers, illustrators, and designers, plus add a short section of photography from the works created in the upcoming atelier.

‘We’re not doing this because we really want to make money from making art,’ says Dipika Kohli, who will be hosting the Finland S P A C E ateliers. ‘Most of us know that that’s just a very hard thing to do, if you want to make the kind of art that is about what you want it to be, not what the market wants. I think that more and more, as we watch what’s happening in the internet world, we see the skewing towards not the most high-quality, but the most attention-grabbing… headlines, clickbait, imagery. You don’t know what to look at because there’s so much out there, but what you do go to is what many other people have already viewed. Algorithms do that, right? In the last five years, I’ve noticed this thing happening, where people don’t even know the difference now between what’s good, and what’s… popular. Especially younger people. A 19yo said to me, “Well, if a lot of people like it, it must be right.” If you’re wondering why that’s such a strange idea, try going outside of the streams and looking deeply at what’s right in front of you. Notice things. See. The theme for this zine is Slow Moment for a number of reasons; we’ll spell that out in the 8page A4 size zine, to be shared by email as a PDF, or by mail, as a limited edition of just 25. Pre-order now to book your copy.

Your pre-order gives Design Kompany’s Dipika Kohli the financial support she will need in order to continue to do the work to design more and better S P A C E. S P A C E projects happen both online and offline, in real life events wherever DK goes. (The beginnings of these were in Cambodia, and we’ve been in Malaysia, Singapore, and now we are on this tour Finland. Where’s next? Wherever people who are supporting S P A C E are living, working, and dreaming. That’s where.) Order anything from S P A C E and you’ll be making a contribution towards the continuation of this international, roving, popup series to make: fresh hyperlocal zines, new creative nonfiction, intellectually playful conversation salons, and innovative new approaches to facilitating dialogues in S P A C E. Discover more about projects in S P A C E here. Be a part of this when you pre-order S P A C E || Kärsämäki. Don’t miss this chance to participate from where you are; pre-ordering guests will be able to access the online forum, S P A C E || ‘Slow Moment,’ for the summer, too.

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