Every song has a memory.

IN THIS PRIVATE conversation space in an online forum sequence, you’ll be able to explore your honest thoughts about love and relationships in a remarkable way. People will not know you. You will not know them. The idea is that through an anonymous forum, a very specific kind of forum in that it is designed and hosted by Design Kompany’s A. Spaice, you can explore these important topics freely.

Enjoy the freedom of getting lost in the process of simply writing your way to discovery. Maybe someone close to you has recently left, maybe someone new has just walked into the picture. Or perhaps you’re going through the time in life when you want to simply enjoy being alone and get to know who you are, personally. It’s all relative. Light rules and expectation-setting for respect and privacy of others in the forums. Everything will be deleted on 8 September, when the programme concludes.

Talk together with new and different others in this unusual forum. There is no agenda, other than to get us talking with people whose paths we might not have ever crossed (and perhaps learn something new). Make a space. Take a chance. We’ll explore relationships, converse about love, talk together about the things we have gone through or wished we could change. This is inspired by a recent real-life version of this, which led to all kinds of insights for the eight of us who had gathered to simply talk, ahead of one couple’s coming-up marriage, about the things we talk about when we talk about love. Learn, grow and discover with us in this short programme. As all of our S P A C E programmes, this will be a prompt-led, guided and hosted conversation space.

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