Prototyping S P A C E in Gangtok, India

Listening to Brian Greene and zining the multiverse

Protected: S P A C E || Milky Way

Bohr on the illusion of truth

‘Hello again’

‘A new door to the Unbelievable’

Philosophy of the Moment

Relationships matter, and this is why, according to systems thinker George Vickers

‘Proprioception,’ et al

Eavesdropping in Kuala Lumpur


Direction of motion, friction and planes

Writing ‘Koivu’

Learning Finnish

Excerpt from ‘Serendipities’

Not chatting up strangers, but then, doing it anyway

Ira Glass and Neil Gaiman on the creative process

Trust the process

At rest while in motion

Point and Line to Plane

7 Sept | Popup zinemaking atelier in KL


Welcome to the party

Exit Vantaa

New endings and new beginnings

6 years after ‘State of Publishing’

Hello from Finland

A bouquet for September

Protected: S P A C E || Mending and ending

Mariska’s Itserakkausjuttu

66°34′N 23°51′E

Sharing a moment in Oulu


International post