S P A C E for real life


Making space for real life…

Design for remarkable connexion…


  • S P A C E is a print zine.
  • It is a weekly.
  • It is also an online magazine, sent on Tuesdays to inboxes around the world.
  • We’ve been sending S P A C E since 2014 to members of our community, which is turning into quite a great conversation now.
  • We have been talking in protected-page forums together, too.
  • Now we are making real life ateliers, Atelier S P A C E.

ATELIER S P A C E. We are making popup zine ateliers in different parts of Asia and Europe, connecting people in real life spaces. We are bringing together the best of all our 20 years’ experience in: journalism, branding, design, and facilitation of workshops and conversation salons to make Atelier S P A C E. See our itinerary here.

EXAMPLES. Above are pictures of past salons, workshops, and ateliers. More is coming as we continue to design and host more and better S P A C E programmes. Join S P A C E for USD $28/mo.


Ready for something new?…

THE INVITATION. Let’s *make* something. A zine. A salon. A moment of conversation. Or a breakthrough of something that we don’t even know what it is yet. Uncertainty, ephemerality: these are real quantities to be contended with. Let’s embrace them. Let’s play?

NEW. Why make space? To invite people to consider new people, new thinking, new perspectives… and new possibilities. This leads to breakthroughs, to serendipitous encounters. And, to innovation. Which is what we need more of in the world, we believe, and want to encourage others to consider old problems with fresh ears and new eyes. It is possible to break out of boxes: but we have to make space to allow it. This takes practice, of course, but sometimes, it takes just experiencing a new way. People have taken pages from our events, workshops, and salons and told us they’ve applied them at work teaching, or in corporate jobs, or even in how they relate to members of their families at holidays. Making space can look like a lot of things. For us, it’s about inviting fresh thinking, new people, and including the possibilities of *anything can happen*. We’ve been called Surrealists. We’re practicing at shaping the S P A CE loosely, so that the ‘a-ha’ breakthrough moment can *happen*.


Be a part of the international conversation…

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The geometry of space is the set of all points in that space.