S P A C E for real life

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See what’s there, and then, go a step further, to see what’s beyond right in front of what’s easily spotted. What’s out there, like… way beyond ‘the way I’ve always done it’.

The status quo is boring.

Why make space? To invite people to consider new people, new thinking, new perspectives… and new possibilities.

Below are pictures of past salons, workshops, and ateliers.

They’re from our archives dating back to 2006 in Seattle, through to 2017 in Phnom Penh. More is coming as we dig through the old work to show you what is ahead in Atelier S P A C E. Let’s *make something*. Let’s play? —AS (PS Here’s how to shuffle the pics.)

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S P A C E is a weekly digital magazine. It’s also an online community. We talk together in the protected pages at this blog, one week at a time, in very small circles. People join the ones that they are interested in, topically. There are things to talk about, there are things to share, and we like to think of it as a richer exchange than the superficial experiences some have told us they’ve felt is hijacking real life. (Check out Guy DeBord’s Society of the Spectacle for more comments on this.) We wanted to link people, but we knew we had to find a niche. That’s how we hit on S P A C E.

The geometry of space is the set of all points in that space.


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