‘What is SELF?’

A WORKSHOP with you and DK in 1:1 conversation space through email only. Get a full course outline and an free orientation when you apply for SELF. Apply here.

To thine own self be true

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JOIN the unique reflection workshop SELF to get insight on the inner motivations that are moving you towards your goals, your dreams, and your heart’s desires.

SELF is an 8- or 12-week virtual workshop that will open a door to the heart of who it is you really are, and what’s most important to you. We’ll work through DK’s tried-and-tested worksheets designed to:

  • discover your top three personal values,
  • look at the past moments that were significant,
  • recall the people who’ve mattered most,
  • reflect on why,
  • engage in 1:1 conversation on email about your emerging themes,
  • refine these to name a 5-word ‘concept’ of you.

WHAT IT IS. SELF is a 12-week virtual workshop with guided, 1:1 conversation with Design Kompany. DK sends light emails on Mondays with prompts and questions, which are sequenced to help you discover with clarity the pop that makes you very much you, and only you. Each worksheet can be replied to asynchronously, in the flow and pace that works best for you. And each week’s worksheet is designs to be complete-able within 20 minutes.

WHO. SELF is written and facilitated by Design Kompany cofounder Dipika Kohli.

WHAT YOU GET. Weekly prompts. A 1:1 correspondence each week, bass on emerging themes, with DK. A mini-report reflecting and summing what you’ve shared, with questions for you to consider. Space for reflective writing. Accountability. You’ll walk away with a 5-word phrase that spells out your clear, unique concept of self. This is important because you might find out, through the exploration over time, that what matters to you deep down has nothing to do with what other people expect of you. An orientation will be held the Saturday before the next SELF begins. That will be when DK will share a syllabus and details on how to register. You’ll get weekly modules, on Mondays, from there.

IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE. For more about what people say they regretted not doing in their lives, read ‘Top 5 Regrets of the Dying’.] Certainly, the idea of ‘self actualization’ brings lots of people to vocalize giant opinions, fast. ‘What’s important? What is the purpose of life?’ These are huge questions, of course, but we can make a start at carving off a slice of the huge fabric of what counts to better understand ourselves and our roles in the scheme of things. DK have discovered that the people who best enjoy SELF are seeking meaning and ready to try things that open doors to self-actualization. Sound lofty? Maybe it is. We recognize fully that this isn’t the kind of workshop for everyone. But leaders who are aware of their own inner voice and can pay attention to it are going to be better able to allocate their resources and influence to make better, stronger and more thoughtful things happen through their work. That’s the hunch.




WHO SHOULD APPLY. If you are in a period of limbo, if you are in transition, if you have just come out of something or are about to head into a new phase, SELF is a good course for you. If you have been through some difficulty or a change, or something has pushed you to question your own goals, vision, mission and values, then SELF is an excellent tool. If you are questioning the goals and methods that you have or are using, then SELF is ideal for you to re-evaluate and confirm your personal values are aligned with what you are doing and making at work.

‘Overcome my fear of writing’
I AM WRITING because I wanted to thank you all for sharing ideas and memoirs, I am very much impressed and really enjoyed the workshop [SELF]. I’ve been working on my writing, and finished one short story which I feel so happy after I finished writing it (it’s in Thai.) I’m working on its English version pretty soon and will send to you all for the feedback. Bottom line is I’m happy to let you know that I’ve somehow overcome my fear of writing, though there’re times when I got stuck with the stories, get distracted, or feel like it’s not good enough – if it was before, I was just going to give up. Now, I feel it challenged me and I find writing more enjoyable. Most importantly, I feel like my writing is getting better too. –J. Lee, guest of SELF, a real life workshop in Bangkok, 2014

WHY DK. Sometimes doing the work of looking inwards can be easier when framed in this way, through questions, and questions that come from, say, someone that isn’t close to you. Someone who isn’t going to have a judgment about how you answer. Someone whom you might not ever meet in real life. What if you could find a space for a conversation that was happening, but didn’t involve oversharing, or having to divulge a lot of details about the self, because it was set up, designed you could say, to be more or less a space for you, as the person playing the game, to spend time talking with mostly, yourself. What might you discover? Design Kompany has worked with more than 500 clients in Europe, Asia, and both coasts of N. America to develop this 12-step toolkit of ways and means to discover the essence of you. (See ‘Who’ section above for more about that.)

FEES. SELF is USD $160 for 12 weeks.

APPLY. Participation in SELF begins with an application. To apply, go here.