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New zine: Kesärakkausjuttu

SOMETHING SPECIAL is on tap. On 16 August at Oulu Arts Night, the newest zine launches from S P A C E in real life in an exclusive, once-off event, ‘Hei Kesä.’ Discover more about the event here. (If you order your ticket in advance, we’ll give you a free copy of the eBook by Alexis Jokela.) ‘Kesärakkausjuttu’ is a work of creative nonfiction, based on real stories as told to Alexis and other guess of Atelier S P A C E in Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, and Kärsämäki. The final design and layout was completed at Atelier S P A C E | Kärsämäki, July 2018.


International post: 4-pack bundle S P A C E || Finland

Also available for international posting are the 4-pack bundles of the new series, S P A C E | Finland. Find out more here.


S P A C E || Finland 

DK are making S P A C E

ZINING. What is the ZINE made in S P A C E by DK really about? Taking publishing to a different place. Instead of mainstream media, DK are making very local stories, and talking to people there, to create short, packed and ultra hyperlocal creative narratives. These are sometimes based on people we meet, but also, bits we find as we go, or stories people tell us, or the conversations that we overhear. In S P A C E, we are sharing the raw, honest and contemporary stories of our time. Often they are about the isolation and anxiety that we are feeling, but not always. Hope, joy, and love can also come forward in these narratives; each one is made based on what the people and place are speaking to the authors. All the zines are made in what we call Atelier S P A C E.  

Creative nonfiction. Hyperlocal narratives. Real life and the conversation.

A ‘Girl in the Dress’ goes missing, and the town of Penang speculates on why.
Antisocial personality disorder clashes with a foreigner, a headstrong individualist.
A fast friendship, karaoke, and an endearing intrigue in ‘A Song for Soile’.
A mathematician and DK cross paths to talk Julia Sets. Read the story of what they said.
The ‘Slow Moment’ story is a photozine, made summer 2018 in Finland.
Boy meets girl, sort of, in ‘Briefly in Sheffield’. Set in England in 1998 and 2016.
‘Kaunter Tiket’ relays two women’s all-night conversation on: love, relationships, sexuality.
Casual passerby in Cambodia banter on being hyphenated-American in  the ‘Age of Anxiety’
‘Socheata’s Comb’ is the feature story of this zine about life above a nail salon on Street 63.

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