Space the zine

‘Julia Set’ tells the story of a chance encounter with a mathematician, and a chat about chaotic 4th dimensions. October 2018
The ‘Slow Moment’ story is a photozine, made summer 2018 in Finland. July 2018
Boy meets girl, sort of, in ‘Briefly in Sheffield’ June 2018
‘Kaunter Tiket’ is the story of two women’s all-night candid conversation about love, relationships, and sexuality. May 2018
Casual passerby in Cambodia talk about the ‘Age of Anxiety’ and growing up hyphenated-American. November 2017

New issues of S P A C E

S P A C E || Battambang, ‘Here Comes the Dance’

S P A C E || Sheffield, ‘Briefly in Sheffield’

S P A C E || Kuala Lumpur, ‘Kaunter Tiket’


Ready for pre-order are:

S P A C E || Kärsämäki, ‘Slow Moment’

S P A C E || Helsinki, ‘Julia set’


What are these zines? They are very local creative nonfiction works. They combine images, interviews, and literary style to present a snapshot of a place, time, and the people whom the team creating each zine met in real life, in chance encounters, on the spot. The events that DK hosts to make the zines are called Atelier S P A C E. In each session, DK leads a group to go out and find the stories that are curious to them, come back to the studio, and then, to define a theme, together. Dialogue. Discussion. Real life encounters. Asking questions, showing up, making a story in true collaborative fashion.

‘It’s a response to the ongoing trends of fake news and churnalism,’ says DK’s organizational manager Jas Plac. ‘We wanted to find a way to let people experience all of the best parts of the creative process: exploring deeply, widely, and towards the unknown, in order to find something you don’t even know what it is yet. Too often people enter a creative project with some kind of specific outline, or focus, and they miss out on the chance to develop an idea further, especially when in conversation with others who are doing the same kind of exploratory thinking. The ateliers are a way to allow room and some light guidance and make it happen. Ateliers are popping up in places DK’s teammates are going: Southeast Asia and Northern Europe, primarily, in 2018. More about the ateliers online and offline are here.

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