Space the zine

Make a S P A C E and find the muse. S P A C E is a place, online and offline. It’s a conversation-space. Where new and different others are invited to discover a remarkable way of connecting. It’s an interactive magazine, a roving popup zinemaking atelier, and a set of interactive workshops, too.

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S P A C E is designed to get us all out of our usual boxes, into a new kind of spot, where you just have no idea what might pop up. The point? Innovation. Breakthrough. Serendipity. ‘A-ha.’ After working in design for brand identity (2006-2011), DK shifted to designing strategy. Then innovation design: how do you actually set up space to consider new ways to think about old problems? Design thinking became trendy, suddenly, but the designers who design know that this is just what design is. Making space to consider fresh possibility, and that means, going where you don’t even know what’s over there, yet. Systems thinking-informed, big-picture and blue-sky philosophy, it’s a place to find inspiration, engagement, and differently-minded others. Access when you become a member, by subscribing to our eZine, S P A C E.

Cloud. S P A C E is sending transmissions from the fourth dimension. Listen here.

Popup zinemaking. Atelier S P A C E is an international, popup, zinemaking atelier. It weaves people and place in hyperlocal narratives made together, in short popup bursts, on the spot.

Zines made at Atelier S P A C E. The series began with Atelier S P A C E in Battambang, Cambodia, over P’chum Ben in Sept. 2017. Shop the store here.



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