‘When time stops’

People and place. Hyperlocal narratives.

Design, ideation, iteration and practice

Jazz, improvisation, innovation in business. Creative thinking. Zinery and creative nonfiction; the literary arts. Are you there? Can you feel this resonating? DK aren’t interested in short snippets that say nothing of meaning, of substance. We don’t understand advertising or clickbait or how to design amazing websites so people follow the links you want and do the things you want. What we want is nothing short of human connexion: honest, clear, and without agenda. ‘Why do you do this, DK?’ See our founder, Dipika Kohli‘s, personal website to get an idea about that. 

In sum, DK are making S P A C E in real life, like at N, and through our online programmes, so that we can all, together, discover ‘the good stuff.’ Which is right here, right where we are, when we find remarkable human connexion. Together with you, in true collaboration, we are designing salons, ateliers and, our interactive magazine S P A C E each weekIdealistic, perhaps, but we are looking for the beauty that is in the world, nested in the everyday, if only we can frame a space to note it.

S P A C E BEGAN AS A CONVERSATION SALON. A giant one. International, partly real life and sometimes online. Asynchronous or in the moment, often in short bursts.

It’s still evolving.

It’s a design approach for how we create rooms for great dialogue. They can extend beyond the timeframe of that moment of connection, into the more personal rooms or even esoteric space for philosophy, for sharing into the direction that invites opening up. Curious people like this. The ready-to-try. Ready to say ‘yes,’ and see what might happen.

Because the more S P A C E we can make that invites new and different others to inter-connect, the better we’ll able to discover great concepts for our own inspiration, here in our design studio, and that’s how this idea got born.

Could we do it, though?

Could we connect people from around the world, in online and offline conversations, salons, forums, and the occasional playspace that is ‘design thinking’ work, with clients, and small teams?

Could we?

We weren’t sure, when we set out to start this journey into uncertainty… but here we are, three years later, in Phnom Penh (via Gangtok, Amritsar, Kathmandu, Seattle)…

There’s lot more work, though, and a long road ahead. Still, we’re on for it. We’re gonna do it. Design and make S P A C E. For people to meet. To learn. To try new things. To inter-relate. What other thing could there be now, but to try it?

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. —Eleanor Roosevelt

Investigations and edgefinding

THE REASON DK MAKES salons, hosts online forums, and convenes designers from time to time with those who are non-designers is to mix it up. Get us out of our boxes. So we can enjoy, relax, in non-competitive, non agenda-driven small arenas. These are spaces for us to connect. Our online conversations then deepen the conversations in a way that progresses, has meaningfulness, and is going to take us to the next level of awareness—of others’ points of view, but also, of who we really are. We invite dialogue. The kind with a center, and not sides. And circle in your comments, which inspire new directions, and free-form conversations. It grows. This is progression. This is sharing. This is fun.





2016 YEAR OF THE CIRCLE. Studies in relational aesthetics, conversations about the way we connect, and interconnect, with those right around us, and to our own selves. Here are some highlights from the 2016 collection, ‘the Year of the Circle.’ Som of the ideas are in the PDF collection, ‘Circumference.’

2017 YEAR OF TIME. S P A C E 2017’s theme is TIME. It’s for an international group of people who want to think, jam, draw, write, play, innovate, design, and make. These are people we’ve gotten to know in our 20 years of trying new things, making spaces, consulting in innovation and design thinking in Europe, N. America, and Asia. Are you curious? S P A C E posts each week to patrons of DK, only. Every Tuesday at 7AM USEST. Read more about how to become a patron of DK here.

2018. YEAR OF THE JOURNEY. See our projects in Malaysia and Finland.