Mark Twain said, ‘The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.’

Let’s talk about this.

How we discover our way towards that quest of ‘finding out why.’ This involves, of course, stepping out of our comfort zones. Because otherwise how would we grow? We know this. Intellectually, consciously. We live it every day.

But the status quo keeps us planted where we are, doesn’t it?

To expand, social norms and social mores keep us rooted in the business-as-usual format of living. This is detrimental for a lot of reasons, if you are someone aspiring for… more.


Dipika Kohli, whose TEDx talk is called ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left,’ will lead a 30-minute dialogue in a focused session on…

R I S K: How do we know when it’s time to take a chance?

This is an online event. There will be a teleconference call. Instructions will follow, to those who are confirmed.

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