In a past version of our studio, DK was a brand design consulting boutique. Process was our special focus, and we wrote about how we went about our conversation-prompted design studio’s technique for several publications. Here’s one of my favorites..


‘Concept of You’

DK’s Akira Morita leads a moodboarding session with a client at one of our favorite Seattle coffee shops in Capitol Hill. This is often how we could be seen if out on the town visiting clients. Otherwise, we had our own office to do the same. Photo: DK

Our design work hatched in the early 2000s in Seattle, after which time we became more of a communications and marketing consulting team. We liked working with the kind of people who we also enjoyed hanging out with socially: clearly interested in making meaningful work, and not wavering when it came to getting down to figuring out the important things, and then, setting to work to make those things happen. Action is big. And vision. Those company owners and DK got along beautifully. This was in Seattle, mostly, where over the course of six years (and more than 100 projects), we got to know something.

How to focus a conversation, over a set of conversation spaces, so that people could really unearth what it was that truly mattered. So that’s how DK could truly help. People. Find out. Their self-concept.

DK’s Dipika Kohli at the seminar she was invited to present for an architects circle about branding. She delivered a short talk, ‘Just Be You’, at Mithun Architects in Seattle, 2009. Photo: Victor Ng

Design and SELF

Fast forward to 2014, and you’ll find another instance of a more mature DK, this time not in Seattle, but in Palo Alto, California. There, DK was  hosting a 9-week experiential learning program that we called SELF. Dipika Kohli designed and led this effort, choosing the ‘unconference’ approach, as pictured here:

DK hosts the experiential workshop SELF | Palo Alto at Stanford, 2014. Photo: DK
SELF. An eWorkshop version came out in 2016.

It was designed for people who were looking for ways to develop their careers and yet stay true to their own internal picture of what mattered most to them. (So as not to go up against fighting your own personal values, when you are at work, someday… that can’t be a good feeling.) In fact, it was through the conversations that took place there, that we made SELF into an online course.




Making meaning

DK are offering the eWorkshop SELF in January, but we have only two spots left.

I’ll personally be hosting, this time, too.

This is what I’m planning.

All new prompt series for SELF in 2020.

DK has two spots left for SELF. It is our online workshop.

It starts in January. Note: this section will be a fast-tracked one, taking place over just 4 weeks.

Below is what we have described for the event. It takes place online, There are no applications required, but there is a fee to take part.

Read more here.

Register before 6 January to confirm your place.