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10 Nov | ‘Start with Something Simple’

This is a conversation salon. A dialogue. A discussion. A conversation in which we have no ‘sides’, but just a ‘center.’ Sharing as we go with those who are open-minded, curious and not seeking to change other people or push an agenda. It’s your chance to relax and discover, together with others who opt-in to join this. Google ‘open space technology’ and learn more about our style of seeking those who find this interesting and wnat to be a part of… something different. Past events we’ve hosted include: Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh, BEAUTY, Self, Choices, and Flow: How to Effortlessly Rise to Your Peak Productivity in Less than 90 Minutes.

WHO IT IS FOR. It is for people who are interested in exploring new ways of thinking, and meeting others searching for new perspectives, too. English-language dialogue hosted by Design Kompany‘s Atelier S P A C E team in HCMC. Come and see what 20 years’ experience discovering concepts for our cleints looks like when we bring that to a living-room setting at a cozy, off-the-main-track cafe with a modern aesthetic. Like we said: new things. Not for everyone.

WHO IS DK. DK is Design Kompany, a boutique studio that bounced around from Seattle to Durham NC to Phnom Penh to…. HCMC. Simply. Exploring. DK publishes a weekly e-mag, S P A C E. It’s about design and discovery.

‘S P A C E quests S P A C E.’