A talk by A. Spaice about a
2-year journey to explore
the Art of Not Knowing…

(and documenting that, along the way)




About this Event

In Sept. 2017, starting inĀ Battambang, I got the idea to make ‘zines’ with people I had yet to meet, on the spot, wherever I would go from that point forward. I wasn’t sure.

I had no idea. And somehow, I emerged two years later with a stack of papers that documented encounters in lands I never would have imagined I’d ever go.

Moving from Cambodia to Vietnam, then to Thailand and Japan, Malaysia and also Finland, Latvia, and Slovakia, plus a few other spots here and there along the way, I wound up makingĀ a weekly mini-mag.

In the end, we made more and more stories about the *conversations that connect those of us who are between places*. Come and hear my story, in real life, at this once-off party. See and read the zines. Meet other people who love independent publishing and DIY-style travel.

Meet me there?

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