DESIGN KOMPANY’s Akira Morita, Dipika Kohli, and a few others will be convening very soon in Bangkok. I wanted to extend an invitation to you today, to join us for something called SELF. Still making workshops. Still gathering people in real life spaces. Maybe you and DK first met at ‘N’ Bangkok, or at SELF a few years ago at the library. Or other parts of the city, just bumping into chance encounters and discovering each other. 🙂

SELF will be on 12 Feb. Other things are also on our website, now, under ‘Upcomings,’ for Bangkok ateliers. In the summer, we’ll shift to Scandinavia to host ‘N’ Copenhagen and a roving series of zine making workshops that we call Atelier S P A C E. Can talk more about everything, if and when we meet. Real life is best. ✨💖

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3 February 2018